Billboard Relaunches in Korea With Focus on K-Pop

Billboard returns to Korea today with a new image and identity in an effort to broaden the iconic brand's coverage of K-pop through new product and content initiatives. The relaunch, live now here, will help cater to the world's increasing appetite for news about all things K-pop. 

"This is undoubtedly the most exciting and important time for K-pop," says Jinhee Kim, the new CEO of Billboard Korea. "Yet there aren't many media channels that distribute high-quality K-pop content or experiences to a global audience. Through this relaunch, we hope to provide access to legitimate K-pop news, as well as precise, accurate chart data, and to continue to build a stronger brand presence with maximum audience engagement thanks to customized programs and original content."

The K-pop Hot 100 chart, based on Korea’s industry standard formula as well as Billboard’s most credible data accumulation system, will be updated every week on both Billboard.co.kr and Billboard.com. "We worked closely with executives and staff at Billboard? especially in the editorial and chart division? to build a new brand identity that reflects our core values, shift and long-term strategy," says Kim. "In particular, this new partnership will allow us to invigorate and expand the K-pop column on Billboard.com with a wide range of subjects relating to Korean music and culture, while maintaining Billboard's journalistic traditions."

Billboard Korea will not only further magnify K-pop's current global phenomenon, but also help promote the large diversity of all Korean music, while also diving into topics relating to lifestyle, beauty and fashion. 

“Billboard is thrilled to once again be part of the influential and burgeoning Korean market and to re-introduce the locally based K-pop 100 chart,” says Silvio Pietroluongo, Vice President of Charts and Data Development. “With its wide array of streaming, sales and broadcast data provided by respected and trusted sources, the K-pop 100 will prove to be a true barometer of the most popular songs and artists from Korea.”

Readers and fans will be able to access the wide breadth of Billboard Korea content across various platforms, including mobile and digital properties, social media channels, shows and offline events. Combining Billboard's famous global influence along with the domestic local-media market intelligence, Billboard Korea aims to become the world's leading and most trusted K-pop source.