TWICE Introduce 'Heart Shaker' & 'Merry & Happy' In Exclusive Video

After a big year that’s seen them top both the World Albums and World Digital Song Sales charts, TWICE returned today with their newest single to be the “Heart Shaker”s of 2017.

Bright and bubbly in its retro-pop vibe, “Heart Shaker” is TWICE’s fifth single of the year. It is the lead song on their their reissued album Merry & Happy, a re-release of October’s twicetagram, the group’s first LP. The album also features a second new track, the seasonal “Merry & Happy,” along with the original 13 songs featured on twicetagram, including “Likey.”

After releasing their first EP in 2015, TWICE has rapidly ascended to the top of the K-pop scene and has also seen major success in Japan, leading to their first original Japanese song “One More Time” topping the Japan Hot 100 earlier this year. The group is also immensely popular among K-pop fans in the States, and following its release “Heart Shaker” debuted within the top 80 of the U.S. iTunes real-time charts.

In this exclusive Billboard video, the nine women of the K-pop girl group introduce “Heart Shaker” and the titular Christmas carol, singing a bit of each and sending fans their well wishes for the holiday season and the new year. Watch below.

Courtesy of JYP Entertainment