Kard Drops Surprise Music Video for 'Trust Me': Watch

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KARD "Trust Me"

After depicting a macabre romance in the music video for “You In Me” last month, KARD surprised K-pop fans Thursday (Dec. 7) with a surprise video for “Trust Me.”

Originally released in two different versions on the group’s November You & Me EP, “Trust Me” is an emotive alt-R&B ballad. Unlike the original tracks, which were duets performed by one female vocalist and one male rapper, the music video’s version of the song is based on Somin and BM’s woozy, atmospheric original.

“Trust Me” serves as a prequel for the ghastly music video released in November for “You In Me,” where the female members of KARD were depicted as unreliable narrators not conscious of having murdered their male counterparts. In the latest from the co-ed quartet, the pairs face off with sleek, couple-oriented choreography.

Decked out in red velvet and sweaters, it's a seasonally fitting music video that depicts KARD in a more elegant and mature light than many of their previous videos, which have primarily highlighted the team’s vibrancy through uptempo dance songs. Since the release of the new EP, the foursome have aimed for a darker, more dramatic image. 

A rarity in the K-pop world, the coed group KARD debuted earlier this year in Korea after releasing a variety of songs last year and gaining widespread acclaim from international fans. The quartet proved particularly popular among North and South America, where their moombahton and dancehall-influenced music was well received among K-pop fans.

Watch the music video for “Trust Me” here: