BTS' 'With Seoul' Crashes Seoul's Official Tourism Website

Seoul's official tourism website crashed after BTS released a free song to promote South Korea's capital city. 

“With Seoul” is an ambient pop track with soaring orchestral elements that features the septet singing about their love for the city, poising Seoul as a city ideal for refreshing a person's spirit. It was shared for free at at noon Korean time today, or 10pm EST, through Seoul’s tourism site Visit Seoul. Immediately upon its release, BTS’ fan ARMY descended on the site, which crashed as people attempted to download the song en masse.

The website was down for several hours with a server maintenance notice apologizing for the "service interruptions." It returned later in the day, with “With Seoul” ready to be downloaded by fans of the popular Korean act.

Park Won-Soon, the mayor of Seoul, even tweeted about the crash.

"This is a song to promote Seoul called 'With Seoul,'" Park wrote on Twitter. "I heard the website has gone down for the first time. That means the anticipation is really high, right?"

He ended the tweet by directing people to the Visit Seoul site to download the song. 

“With Seoul” is one of two original songs released by the group this week, along with their new wintry ballad “Crystal Snow,” released on a new Japanese single album with Japanese versions of “DNA” and “Mic Drop (Remix).”

A music video for “With Seoul” is set to be released on Dec. 13.