GOT7 Release Glitchy Performance Video for Quirky B-Side 'Teenager'

GOT7 released a performance video for “Teenager” on Wednesday (Dec. 6), after releasing the song on their seventh mini-album, 7 for 7, in October. The septet previously promoted the B-side across Korean music shows along with their latest single, “You Are.”

The video is devoid of the luxurious and colorful b-roll footage that populated their “You Are” music video. In contrast, the camera remains fixated on the members’ choreography as they whirl around a graffiti'd tunnel.

But the video still features unique effects. Glitches between different takes flicker across the screen in time with the twitches of the triple hi-hats.

The midtempo track, co-written and co-composed by member JB, feature lyrics reminiscent of HyunA’s “Babe,” in which a love interest makes the members feel younger. The swelling synth-laden chorus features elements of trap and chiptune, neatly fitting into GOT7’s penchant for selling trendy and quirky concepts.

Watch the performance video for “Teenager” below.