EXO Drops New Japanese 'Electric Kiss' Music Video Ahead of 'Countdown' Album

EXO "Electric Kiss"
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EXO "Electric Kiss"

While 2017 may be coming to a close, it’s never too early to begin preparing for 2018, and that’s precisely what EXO did with their newly released music video for “Electric Kiss." The new song kicks off promotions for their upcoming Countdown album, the Korean act’s first full-length Japanese album.

After the electro-reggae “Ko Ko Bop” and their fun EDM track “Power,” “Electric Kiss” returns the boy band’s sound to a grittier hip pop style to create an energetic dance track. Thumping beats and funky synths propel the single’s melody, laying out a tempo-jumping playground for EXO’s vocals and raps as the track builds into its propulsive chorus.

Clocking in at just under three minutes, the music video for “Electric Kiss” is a trippy, scene-splicing blockbuster of a clip that puts each of the eight men -- ninth EXO member Lay is currently pursuing solo activities in China -- in distinct settings: individuals seen trapped in mirrored rooms and glass tanks, sitting on piles of discarded objects, roaming empty buildings etc. With gas mask-wearing dancers, destroyed cars, and desolate surroundings, there's a hint of the post-apocolyptic to the visual elements, but there is no apparent plot to connect the diverse situations. It may, however, be related to EXO's larger mythology and a recent comic book storyline begun in their The War album earlier this year.

Scenes featuring the band members performing isolation-heavy choreography is parsed into the rest of the video, showing the men moving in time with the beat as they stare down the camera in one of EXO’s most aggressive chirographies as of late.  

The video uploaded to YouTube was was touted as a short version of the "Electric Kiss" video, but it has yet-to-be-revealed whether a longer music video will be released in the future; EXO's Japanese website has a timer ticking down eight days to whatever comes next for the Korean boy band. 

“Electric Kiss” is EXO’s first Japanese single of 2017 and will serve as the lead song on Countdown, which will be released on Jan. 24. The album will feature 10 tracks, four of which, including the single, will be brand new songs while the rest will be reissues of music previously released by the band. Like many K-pop albums, there will be multiple alternative versions on sale with each one focused on a different imagery or featuring bonus features, such as behind the scenes footage on a DVD.

Watch the short music video for the “Electric Kiss” here: