BTS Unveil Sentimental New Japanese Song 'Crystal Snow'

Though 2017 is close to its end, Korean group BTS are nowhere near to slowing down after the best year of their career so far. Just days after making K-pop history by breaking into the Billboard Hot 100’s Top 40, the septet released a brand new song in Japan.

With an orchestral electro-pop melody, the new track “Crystal Snow” is a seasonal tune from the boy band just in time for the winter. It's their first original release since Love Yourself: Her came out in September, and was released on Wednesday (Dec. 6) on the MIC Drop / DNA / Crystal Snow Japanese single album.  

Filled with twinkling chime effects and soaring vocals from the band members, “Crystal Snow” is mellow in its five-plus minutes of balladry. The song features a lesser-seen side to the band’s trio of rappers, with the inclusion of swaying singsong rap verses -- a softening touch that nicely matches the harmony-heavy chorus. 

The tune is overlaid with touching vocals from the K-pop singers, as they compare love to crystal snow; a beautiful, temporal romance that they hope to hold once more before it disappears. BTS' RM had a hand in crafting the lyrics for the track.  

Unlike much Japanese-language music ( even by K-pop artists), BTS made the trio of songs available on American music and streaming sites, including Spotify and Apple Music. Of the three tracks from the single, only "Mic Drop" received a new music video

Take a listen to “Crystal Snow” below: