HyunA Captivates in 'Lip & Hip' Music Video: Watch

HyunA "Lip & Hip"
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HyunA "Lip & Hip"

After mellowing out a bit on “Babe” in August, HyunA returns today (Dec. 4) with the propulsive “Lip & Hip,” and a music video that revels in the artist’s sensuality.

Always one to push the boundaries of Korea’s music industry, HyunA's "Lip & Hip" music video is one of the most suggestive clips out of K-pop in some time, as the soloist takes ownership of female passion through a subtle coming-of-age narrative. The brash song features prominent EDM and hip-hop beats to relay the rapper’s impish tone while the chorus is driven by a clapping beat beneath HyunA's singing, with a sprinkling of bright sonic pops and synth whirrs propelling the banger of a dance track.

As a soloist and as a member of the now-defunct 4Minute, HyunA’s taken a powerfully sexual approach towards K-pop, and her latest continues the trend. Subversive in its frank approach to female sexuality, the music video blends youthful trappings, like braces and teddy bears, with overtly erotic imagery, as HyunA commands the camera through her coyly risque discovery of “pink wishes & sweet dreams.”

Countering the explorative scenes, which are revealed to be a dream at the end of the video, the choreography of “Lip & Hip” is all about HyunA as a powerful woman who is fiercely in charge, with the K-pop star even riding on the back of a male dancer at one point in a show of dominance. Other scenes, including one featuring the artist eating french fries on the toilet, similarly counters societal norms, with a fry appearing as if it's censored cigarettes at one point, likely a nod to Korea's rigid censorship guidelines for pop cultural content. 

“Lip & Hip” is a special “Thanx” single released by Hyuna as a bonus to her Following EP from August, which peaked at No. 5 on the World Albums chart in September. The festive number was first performed at the Melon Music Awards in Seoul on Saturday (Dec. 2), while the song was released digitally today (Dec. 4).

Watch the music video for “Lip & Hip” below: