Tumblr's Most Popular K-Pop Acts of 2017

The past 12 months have been big ones for K-pop on social media, and Tumblr has definitely taken note. Beginning in May, the site began compiling monthly fandometrics lists, and today the microblogging platform shared its two K-pop Year In Review lists exclusively with Billboard

With one list focusing on the top K-pop artist mentions overall and the other focusing on individual band members, Tumblr took into account immense amounts of data relating to hashtags and impressions to determine what K-pop artists were the most popular on the site. BTS, EXO, and GOT7 came out on top, while the most popular girl groups were Blackpink (No.7), TWICE (No. 9), and Red Velvet (No. 10). BTS’ seven members dominated the top seven slots of the individual rankings, with Jimin, Jungkook, and V placing the highest.

According to Beatrice Vantapool, Tumblr’s K-pop expert and Content Insights Associate, the biggest movers were Blackpink and NCT 127 (No. 8), both of which are new acts from 2016 that jumped up 12 spots between this year and the last.

“People really, really love Blackpink,” said Vantapool about the highest-ranked girl group. “They hadn’t had a comeback at all this year, but they came back in June with “As If It's Your Last” and people were super excited about that.”

2017 saw boy bands reign supreme on Tumblr, while interest in girl groups was also high. No solo artist or duet made it into either the overall or individual rankings.

Wanna One, a new, temporary group also appeared on the Year In Review K-pop list at No. 13, due to immense popularity following the boy band's formation through the second season of the reality show Produce 101 earlier this year.  Produce 101 generated so much interest that it became the first-ever Korean television show to appear on the Top Live-Action TV Show list, charting at No. 23.

Tumblr’s team analyzed what Vantapool described as “hundreds of thousands of lines of data" to rank the groups based on things including original post searches, reblogs, and likes. “K-pop’s doing better than ever, especially this year, on Tumblr,” she said. “I think that [the list] is very indicative of what the year has been like in K-pop, in terms of comebacks and who people are loving the most.”

K-pop has been consistently gaining a wider presence on social media platforms like Tumblr and Twitter, and it's making waves offline; after taking home the Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards in May due to their immense presence online, BTS has since gone on to perform at the AMAs and recently release a remix by Steve Aoki of their song "Mic Drop" featuring Desiigner.  

Check out the complete rankings below:

K-pop overall:
1. BTS
2. EXO
3. GOT7
5. Monsta X
6. SHINee
7. Blackpink
8. NCT 127
9. Twice
10. Red Velvet
11. VIXX
12. B.A.P
13. Wanna One
14. DAY6
15. NCT Dream
16. Girls' Generation
17. Big Bang
18. Mamamoo
19. iKon
20. GFriend

K-Pop band members:

1 Jimin (BTS)
2. Jungkook (BTS)
3. V (BTS)
4. Suga (BTS)
5. Jin (BTS)
6. J-Hope (BTS)
7. RM (formerly known as Rap Monster) (BTS)
8. Baekhyun (EXO)
9. Chanyeol (EXO)
10. Sehun (EXO)
11. Kai (EXO)
12. Suho (EXO)
13. Xiumin (EXO)
14. Jackson (GOT7)
15. Chen (EXO)
16. Wonho (Monsta X)
17. Jaehyun (NCT 127)
18. Mark (GOT7)
19. Lay  (EXO)
20. JB (GOT7)