Watch BTS Talk Fan Hookups & Learning English From 'Friends' on 'Ellen'

BTS has been making waves on the American entertainment circuit, so it was inevitable that they’d make their U.S. daytime debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where they performed their "MIC Drop" remix.

During the interview segment, the septet went down the line to introduce themselves individually. The camera constantly cut to the crowd, which was full of ARMYs throwing out hand hearts. No self-introduction would be complete without Jin calling himself “worldwide handsome.”

Ellen brought out an interpreter to give RM a rest from his role as the resident translator, but the host asked him about how he taught himself English. “Actually, my English teacher was a sitcom, Friends,” he said. “I thought I was kind of like a victim at that time, but right now, I’m the lucky one. Thanks to my mother, she bought all the seasons for the DVDs.” He started off watching the show with Korean subtitles, then English subtitles and finally removing them.

The host then asked them about how it’s important for the group to talk about important issues like mental health. Suga talked about how their message transcends language barriers. “We have different languages,” he said through the interpreter. “But I think we can all share in the same message, and I think that’s why our songs appeal to people who speak Korean and people who don’t speak Korean.”

ARMYs then got a shout-out from Ellen, who said, “When [BTS] got to LAX, it’s like the Beatles were here.” This isn’t the first time the K-pop sensations have been compared to Western artists (read: One Direction), but the Beatlemania comparison rings true to the fervent fandemonium surrounding BTS, which was the perfect transition to the next segment.

The most absurd moment happened toward the end of the interview when Ellen asked, “Have you ever hooked up with any of the ARMY?” RM tries to weasel his way out of the question by appealing to his fanbase: “We are doing it right now.” But Ellen doesn’t let him off that easy. “You know what I mean,” she says as the crowd erupts in cheers. Then V gives a firm “no,” with his palm outstretched.

Watch BTS talk to Ellen below: