BTS's Best Dance Moves Over the Years

The seven members each contribute unique strengths to the group's colorful canon of choreography.

BTS made a big impression on American audiences on Sunday when they performed their record-smashing hit “DNA” at the American Music Awards. Their choreography shook the Western world (and quite a few hearts), so not even the cameras could keep up with the septet's rapid footwork. 

It’s the norm for K-pop choreography to be so on point that idols typically put in a potentially harmful amount of practice. Less generous characterizations have often pegged dancing in the Korean pop industry as “robotic” and “mechanical.” But BTS consistently resists those descriptions as their approach to dance is both precise and colorful.

The seven members each offer unique strengths to the group. Of course, the dance line -- J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook -- is the most adept at bringing their choreography to life. But while RM and Jin often joke that they’re not good dancers, they manage to master the group’s steps every time.

To celebrate their American arrival, here are some of BTS’s best dances in no particular order.

BTS - “Boy Meets Evil”

J-Hope’s solo stage at the 2017 Seoul Music Awards placed the spotlight on his acrobatic precision and flexibility. He leaps through the air one second, then performs a one-handed backwards flip the next. ARMY’s Hope is the group’s dance leader for a reason.

BTS - “Fire”

BTS outdid themselves when it came to back-breaking intensity. Not to mention the song truly is fire.

BTS - “Dope”

Paired with a funky sax sample, their group formations live up to the song title.

BTS - “Spring Day”

The interpretive dance adds an artful physicality to the nostalgic longing of the lyrics.

BTS - “As I Told You”

Their cover of Kim Sung Jae’s classic at the 2016 KMF breathed new life into the old school hockey costume, even though Suga had to sit out the stage.

BTS - “Blood, Sweat and Tears”

The boys pulled off a dark and sexy concept during this comeback with the help of some artful formations and mean mugging.

BTS - Intro performance + “Danger”

Throwback to that one time they created a machine gun at the 2014 MBC Gayo Daejejeon. “Danger” was a preview of the intensity that would come to define their choreography.

BTS - “Just One Day”

The septet mastered the art of making ARMY’s hearts flutter years ago with this sweet chair dance.

BTS - “I Need U”

This intricate modern dance won the group the Best Male Dance award at the 2015 MelOn Music Awards.

BTS - “War of Hormone”

This mischievous song was complemented by some of BTS’s funnest moves including Michael Jackson-style hopping, slow-motion walking and piggyback rides.

BTS - “Boyz With Fun”

ARMYs have V to thank for the charm of this live performance because he improvises new choreography during nearly every showing.

BTS - “Blanket Kick”

Important BTS history: Jungkook pops out of a bed in this cute choreography.

BTS - “Boy in Luv”

J-Hope takes the wheel in this bombastic dance performance.

BTS - “Save Me”

BTS doesn’t only do bombast -- this understated dance is fodder for the sweeping cinematography seen in the music video.  

BTS - “No More Dream”

The members made their name as a ferocious hip-hop group and Jimin’s ab dance sealed the song’s place as one of their most memorable.

BTS - “Not Today”

The group is no stranger to powerful stages, but this comeback brought their strength to a new scale as their moves were multiplied by a sea of backup dancers.

BTS - “MIC Drop”

See the above song title -- that should be enough indication that the choreography can’t be missed while you wait for the remix with Steve Aoki and Desiigner.

BTS - “Go Go”

The boys know how to create a silly stage without losing the complexity of their choreography. Plus, who doesn’t love the Backpack Kid dance?

BTS - “Rainism”

Jungkook proves himself as the Golden Maknae in this dance cover of legendary soloist Rain at the 2016 KMF.