BTS Visit 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest!' Ahead of AMAs Performance

Jessica Xie

They talked about In-N-Out, Seoul and the possibility of releasing music in English.

BTS’s tour of Los Angeles ahead of their American Music Awards performance on Sunday included their first-ever stop at On Air With Ryan Seacrest! on Friday (Nov. 17).

A few more adjectives were added to BTS’s title as Ryan Seacrest introduced the band as the “K-pop sensation global takeover group.”

Seacrest even tweeted a Korean greeting to ARMYs on his personal Twitter account.

Worldwide handsome Jin had to throw out some air kisses during his self-introduction.

Then V said in English, “I can’t believe that I’m here.”

ARMYs probably already knew this, but RM told Seacrest that all seven members have lived together for seven years. When the host asks the members what is exciting about Los Angeles, Jungkook immediately chimed in with “The sun!” Then RM gave a shout out to the legendary West Coast burger joint In-N-Out. “It’s a classic,” he said.

The sweetest moment of the broadcast came when Seacrest read a message from a mother of an ARMY. “Sabrina, my daughter, admires BTS because they’re very creative,” the message read. “She finds them so entertaining, inspiring and good-looking.”

At this point, RM pointed to his members, acknowledging how attractive they are. “She likes that each member’s humble,” Seacrest continues reading. “Very modest, motivating songs and they have such a strong tie to the fans, which you call the ARMY.”

Without Sabrina’s knowledge, Seacrest told the septet that they’d try to call her right then. When she found out she was on the line with BTS, she was overcome with excitement. Seacrest cut to the chase: “Who do you have the biggest crush on?” Turned out she’s a big fan of Jungkook. The international playboy then asked her in English, “How do you feel?” Naturally, she squealed in excitement when she was gifted tickets to the AMAs.

RM later touched on how Seoul, their current home base, is such a cosmopolitan area that none of them are from there. “We all came from different areas.” Then he acknowledged D-Boy Suga’s hometown, Daegu. Before they came together as a group under Big Hit Entertainment, none of them knew each other.

RM likened the reason behind their popularity to a “gift box.” “We do the performances,” he said. “We write our own music. And we do the social media. We like fashion. So it’s like a gift box for them.”

Then Seacrest changed the subject to their AMAs performance of “DNA.” “This is our first-time ever U.S. televised debut,” RM said.

When a fan asked them if they’d ever release a full album in English, RM replied, “We’re planning to release some songs in English versions, but we’ll see.”

Watch BTS's full interview at On Air With Ryan Seacrest! below.

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