Wanna One Evoke Their Dreams in New Single 'Beautiful'

Wanna One 'Beautiful'
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Wanna One "Beautiful"

Wanna One, the hottest K-pop rookie boy band of 2017, is back with a brand new, “Beautiful” song.

Formed through the second season of the Korean television show Produce 101, Wanna One returned on Monday (Nov. 13) with 1-1=0 (Nothing Without You), an extended version of their debut EP 1x1=1 (To Be One), which peaked at No. 3 on the World Album chart upon its release in August. “Beautiful” is one of four new tracks on the album reissue, fronting the album with its emotive nature.

More mellow than their first single “Energetic,” “Beautiful” is a sentimental tune that emphasizes the band’s vocalists through its midtempo EDM-pop ballad styling. With woozy synths and a steady beat, the act’s 11 singers and rappers evoke longing through the song's expressive lyrics, like the English hook of “I miss you so much.”   

During a press conference in Seoul on Monday, the group's Hwang Minhyun, who is currently on hiatus from Nu’Est, told reporters that 1-1=0  serves as a prequel to the original album, and reflects how the group has gone from being nearly a dozen separate individuals into one complete act. "When we are one, we finally become full,' Yonhap reports the Wanna One member saying.

As a softer follow up to the band’s first EP, 1-1=0 plays up the team’s evocative side throughout. Along with “Beautiful,” Wanna One’s latest features three other new tracks as well as all the songs featured on 1X1=1, along with remixed versions of several songs from the original. “Wanna,” a funky EDM ballad, is joined by the bubbly dance track “Twilight” and “Nothing Without You,” 1-1=0’s harmony-laden intro.

“Beautiful” was released with an extended, 8-minute-long music video. Using the song to propel the storyline, the clip depicts Wanna One’s Kang Daniel and Ong Seungwu as brothers separated in childhood searching for one another. After reconnecting, trouble follows the pair and their friends, culminating in ruin for both. A new look for the band, which previously released dance-focused music videos for “Energetic” and 1X1=1 b-side “Burn It Up,” the alternate style emphasizes the group’s acting, particularly highlighting Ong and member Park Jihoon, both of whom are professional actors as well as singers.

A group formed through viewer voting, Wanna One is immensely popular in Korea. Like their previous album, each of the songs off of 1-1=0 went to the top of the local music charts upon the album’s release.

Watch the music video for “Beautiful” below: