Seventeen Drops the Upbeat 'Clap'

Seventeen, "Clap"
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Seventeen, "Clap"

After exploring melodic EDM on May’s “Don’t Wanna Cry,” boy band Seventeen returned Monday (Nov. 6) with the pop-rock single “Clap.”

Energetic in its delivery, the new song bounces along to a funky, clap-infused beat and paunchy vocals from the act’s 13-members. A gritty guitar riff drives the track’s upbeat sound, with the overall retro funk vibe returning Seventeen to the sonic style they were previously known for on singles like “Very Nice” and “Boom Boom.

The lead single on the K-pop act’s second studio album, Teen Age,  “Clap” is about going out and experiencing the world. According to member Woozi, who co-wrote the song, the track is an "embodiment of Seventeen," reports the Korea Herald.

With a brightly-hued music video that features the boy band having fun as they as the plan and edit some of their most recent music videos -- all of which, including “Clap,” were crafted by VM Project Architecture in reality -- the clip is yet another step back for Seventeen toward the more youthful image they veered towards prior to the release of May’s Al1 EP.

But despite the shift, Teen Age is innately linked to Al1, with which it was connected to by four songs released by Seventeen in between the two albums. The quartet -- “Change Up” by the group’s subunit leaders, “Pinwheel” by the lead vocalists,” “Trauma” by the rappers and “Lili Yabbay (13th Month’s Dance)" by the dancers -- were all featured on the new release. The album featured eight other songs aside from the pre-releases and “Clap,” including a dramatic bass-infused intro (“New World”) and clap-happy outro (“Incompletion").

As a whole, Teen Age displays a whole array of musical styling from the boy band, with lighthearted tracks like the funky pop song “Hello,” sung by Jun, DK and Mingyu, the funky “Rocket” by the group’s American members Joshua and Vernon and the airy “Campfire,” which is about the bond between Seventeen and their fans. Things get a bit creative on “Bring It,” a duet by the group’s primary songwriters Hoshi and Woozi that features deep bass and what sounds like a marching band, while the group brought back the EDM ballad vibe of the past album on “Without You.” Meanwhile, “Flower” is a percussive banger driven by woozy synths and smoldering verses courtesy of S.Coups, Jeonghan, Wonwoo, The 8, Seungkwan and Dino.

Each of the tracks on the album was co-written by members of Seventeen in collaboration with several other songwriters, including Bumzu, Dong Ne Hyeong, Won Young Heon and Park Ki Tae.

Watch the music video for “Clap” below: