Monsta X Plays Up Their Funky Side on Propulsive New Song 'Dramarama'

Monsta X, "Dramarama"
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Monsta X, "Dramarama"

K-pop boy band Monsta X returned Tuesday (Nov. 7) with their new single “Dramarama.” Blending funky instrumentals and the group’s typical hip-hop leanings to craft a subtly-built banger, it’s the boy band at their most grandiose yet.

Beginning with a deadpan chant of the song’s titular refrain, Monsta X grooves along to a rhythmic guitar riff and steady beat before dropping into a harmony-heavy pre-chorus that itself leads into the swaying electro-pop chorus. Next up is the song’s central rap section, with Jooheon’s gritty delivery tempered by I.M’s more emotive flow.

The boy band released an accompanying music video for “Dramarama” that, as the title suggests (without any connection to the New Jersey rock band by the same name), is extremely dramatic and feels like it’s pulled straight out of an episode of Doctor Who.

Hopping through different years thanks to a watch that enables the members to time travel, Kihyun races to save Jooheon's life with Hyungwon watching. Meanwhile, Minhyuk and I.M are on the run from mysterious men-in-black, and Shownu and time traveler Wonho are kendo sparring buddies. Interspersed with powerful scenes of the group dancing, the video ends with a role reversal that sees Kihyun and Jooheon switch roles.

The lead track off their fifth EP The Code, “Dramarama” is the septet’s fourth single of the year. It was co-written by After Romeo’s Drew Ryan Scott and features lyrics penned by both Jooheon and I.M, each of whom also crafted lyrics to most of the album's other tracks. Wonho, who is currently ill and unable to attend the album’s release promotions, also had his hand in the album’s production -- he co-wrote the woozy house track "From Zero" in collaboration with Rich Jang and Brother Su. The album features three other songs, including the Crucial Star-crafted "Tropical Night," that reflects the sultry mood of its title through a hypnotic dose of trance-pop.  

One of South Korea's up-and-coming boy bands, Monsta X has become known for their powerful, performance-oriented songs. In a recent interview with Billboard, the band revealed that it is in energetic, aggressive tracks with hip hop elements where they thrive. 

The Code is the act's third album of the year, following The Clan, Pt. 2.5 [Beautiful], which peaked at No. 1 on the World Albums chart in April, and Shine Forever, which hit No. 10 on the same chart in July.

Watch the music video for “Dramarama” below: