Monsta X Teases Dramatic Music Video for 'DramaRama'

Monsta X, DramaRama teaser
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Monsta X, DramaRama teaser 

Brace for impact: Monsta X released a teaser for “DramaRama,” their title track off their fifth mini album, The Code: Protocol Terminal, which will be released on Nov. 7.

Monbebes got a taste of the blaring electropop tune in the 40-second clip. The teaser clips from the music video promise that the release will live up to its title. Rain splashes down in slow motion, followed by a succession of melodramatic vignettes. The ticking of clocks introduces Kihyun as a watchmaker. Shownu readies for what appears to be a Kendo showdown. Then Jooheon is launched into a mid-air car flip.

The energetic septet has more of an aggressive hip hop image within the idolsphere, but they’ve had success with softening their image, as an acoustic version of “Beautiful” reached No. 4 on Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks in April.

According to a track list released by the group, the title track was co-written by members Jooheon and I.M, who are the most prolific in the group when it comes to songwriting.

Watch the teaser for “DramaRama” below.