EXO's Chen Joins Forces With 10cm for Performance of 'Bye Babe': Watch

EXO Chen and 10cm, "Bye Babe"
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EXO Chen and 10cm, "Bye Babe"

K-pop meets indie on the upbeat “Bye Babe,” a new song released today (Nov. 3) featuring popular Korean indie icon 10cm and Chen, a member of the boy band EXO.

The funky pop/rock track has a bubbly folk vibe, and was co-written by the pair of singers, whose mix of sweet and emotive vocals blend together over the sweet melody. It was released as part of SM Entertainment’s on-going SM Station project.

“Bye Babe” came about after Chen commented on a radio show that his dream collaborator would be 10cm, a folkpop band featuring Kwon Jungyeol, who the EXO member had listened to since high school. (Former member Yoon Cheoljong left the former duo in July.) After hearing about Chen’s desire, 10cm reportedly reached out through Instagram to make the idea a reality.

The pair of singers released the sprightly track alongside a performance video, featuring the duo backed by a four-person band. Upon its release, the song started climbing up South Korea’s local music charts.

Along with being a member of one of Korea’s most popular boy bands, Chen has become a frequent collaborator in South Korea’s increasingly diverse music industry; this year’s “nosedive” with the hip-hop team Dynamic Duo saw much success in Korea and is nominated for a MAMA award. And, while less known to many international fans of K-pop, 10cm is an extremely popular indiepop musician in Korea, where hits like “Americano,” “What The Spring??” and “Help" have made the indie singer a household name.  

Watch the video for “Bye Babe” here: