15 Reasons Why Twice Are Social Media Queens

TWICE, 2015
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TWICE performs onstage on Dec. 28, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. 

The sensational girl group's new album 'Twicetagram' is inspired by social media.

In just two years time, Twice's impact on the K-pop scene has been undeniable. Whether it's their chart-topping success in Asia (including multiple No. 1s in Korea as well as being the first female K-pop act to top the Japan Hot 100 in more than four years) or their huge YouTube presence (five of their music videos boast more than 100 million views while the just-released "Likey" earned 25 million in three days), the nine members have struck a chord in music fans' hearts that clearly goes beyond catchy music. 

The ninesome's latest album Twicetagaram is inspired by social media and, more specifically, their instagram account. With 3.4 million followers, @twicetagram is the band's most popular platform, but you'd be silly to miss out on all that's going on with the girls across Facebook (1.7 million), Twitter and YouTube (1.1 million) too.

Check out our 15 reasons why the Twice members are social media queens and deserve every "likey" you can give them.

1. Twice has nailed the group heart formation

Can you and your friends do that? Didn't think so.

2. They aren't afraid to be goofy


------ ? ????? ? ???? ???? ?? ????! ?? ? ?? #??????????? #??? #??? ------ #????? #?????

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Nayeon and Sana's cheeks puffed up with grapes is as hilarious as it is adorable.

3. The members know a good filter...


????~ ?? ???? ???~? ??? ?? ?? ? ???? ????-! ??? ??? ?? ????--?? ?? ?? ??! (?? ?? ????) --

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This orange-tinged filter that Chaeyoung is using is what Instagram dreams are made of.

4. ...and a good face filter


? ???? ? ???~~~~ ?? ???~~~~!!!!!!! #??

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Jeongyeon's mashup of face filters are on point.

5. They show love to their label mates.

A look through Twice's accounts will see the girls showing lots of love to their label mates on JYP Entertainment that include other popular acts like GOT7 and DAY6. Here they are cheering on senior boy band 2PM.

6. Twice also show love to their fellow girl groups.

It's hard to think of something more awesome than women supporting other women and despite the girl-group scene being more competitive than ever these days, Twice use their platforms to show support for the likes of Oh My Girl (above) and GFriend, to name a few.

7. They're just like us.


???? ???? ? ??? ?? ??? ?

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Admit it: If you saw an awesome, professional photo of yourself on a computer, you'd grab your phone and take a photo too... Just like Dahyun here in 2015.

8. Twice TV

Get a peep inside the group's professional and personal lives with their Twice TV web show found on their YouTube channel. The episodes tend to be around 15 minutes in length and take fans everywhere from photoshoots to overseas trips to the girls' hotel rooms. A preview for their upcoming episode sees the ladies take on Singapore.

9. Puppies

Nayeon and Tzuyu delivered this adorable montage in 2015. Do we really need to explain why it's one of our favorite Instas ever?

10. Snack attacks

And just like you and me, Twice fully admits to going a bit crazy with the treats...there's just millions of people watching them.

11. They share parts of their personal lives.


?? ??? ????? ???-- ? ???? - ???

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It's always touching when the Twice members let us into their personal lives a bit, like when Chaeyoung shared this heartwarming photo with her brother.

12. They know how to do a good throwback.

To promote a recent fan meeting, Twice recreated the looks and outfits from their debut single "Ooh Ahh." But with two years under their belts and tons more experience and maturing, it was a true delight for fans to visually see how much their girls had grown since their October 2015 debut.

13. The Once love is undeniable.

Twice fans are affectionately known as Once and the group constantly uses social media to show how much they appreciate their supporters and gifts. 

14. Iconic nicknames

We love you, #PUZZLEQUEEN Mina.

15. Twice have a bond for us all to see on the daily.

In the end, the best posts from Twice are the ones where they show their genuine affection for one another. From hugs to posts that prove how comfortable they are with one another, Twice's following will inevitably only keep growing if the girls continue showing their multidimensional personalities and characteristics as they continue to grow.