BTS Collaborates with UNICEF on 'Love Myself' Anti-Violence Campaign

A month and a half after releasing their record-breaking Love Yourself: Her album, Korean boy band BTS announced on Tuesday night (Oct. 31) that it has joined forces with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in an anti-violence campaign dubbed LOVE MYSELF.

According to the project's official Website, BTS and its label, Big Hit Entertainment, entered into a two-year-long partnership with the Korean Committee for UNICEF on Nov. 1. They joined forces to sponsor #ENDViolence, a UNICEF campaign based around making the world a safer place so that that children and teenagers will be able to live happy and healthy lives, without living in the fear of violence.

Over the next two years, the septet and Big Hit Entertainment pledge 500 million KRW (just under $447,400 as of Oct. 31 rates) to the UNICEF campaign, and will also donate 3% of the Love Yourself series’ physical album sales income. All the income from sales of official goods related to the LOVE MYSELF campaign and additional donations to UNICEF will also be put towards #ENDViolence. It's the latest in a long line of partnerships that Korean celebrities and UN organization have worked on.

The LOVE MYSELF #ENDViolence campaign corresponds to BTS’ lyrical messages, with a number of the band’s songs addressing societal ills.

Prior to unveiling the site, BTS’ members shared selfies on their official Twitter account using “Love Myself” as a hashtag, giving fans a heads-up ahead of the announcement. Along with the official LOVE MYSELF Website, which crashed upon the campaign’s unveil, the UNICEF campaign also launched accounts on several social media platforms.