BTS Makes ARMYs Laugh in Variety Web Series 'Run BTS!'

BTS is back with another installment of Run BTS!, a show where the boys go on missions and compete for prizes. The show is one of the K-pop phenom’s series, and they tend to release a few episodes every comeback, beginning with their 2015 “Dope” era.

The series was all-but-absent during 2016 (although one episode aired on Jan. 5, 2016) -- but it was revived a year later. Their latest weekly cycle of episodes started airing on Oct. 3, a few weeks after Love Yourself: Her was released.

It's important to note that for one of the funniest idol groups, traditional variety shows haven’t always played to their diverse strengths.

Suga’s generally deadpan humor doesn’t always translate to the overreactions demanded from the gag comedy on Korean variety shows. But he’s managed to adapt his chic demeanor to physical comedy in recent years.

For a long time, worldwide handsome Jin went underappreciated on the comedy show circuit -- but he’s revamped his image as the goofy arbiter of dad jokes and kiss blowing.

And, of course, Jungkook is notoriously shy around people he doesn’t know -- so a show featuring only the members serves to highlight the evil maknae’s cheeky personality.

Through the group’s own shows, BTS has been able to work out their variety presence on their own terms so each member’s personality shines. There’s a reason why BTS is the most followed group on Korean streaming site, V-Live, with nearly 6.5 million followers.

The episodes of Run BTS! released in conjunction with theirf Love Yourself: Her promotions have been full of memorable moments. Here’s a rundown of their latest episode plus fan reaction highlights from episodes 22 through 24.

Ep. 25 - Oct. 31

This episode’s theme was PC Bang(tan) -- for those unacquainted, a “PC bang” is a place where people can pay to use a computer, and it often serves as a gathering place for gamers in Korea.

Two teams compete in multiplayer games, Crazy Arcade, Bubble Fighter and Kart Rider (Korea’s MMORPG answer to Mario Kart) -- all big games in Korea, a very online multiplayer oriented country as far as gaming tastes go.

The K-pop group tapped into the YouTube genre of Let’s Plays -- videos where YouTubers film themselves playing video games -- on this episode, with a little twist. While the emphasis is on the gameplay in normal Let’s Plays, Run BTS!’s camera work is firmly planted on the members so ARMYs can get a full view of their reactions.

Clearly, this decision paid off. When J-Hope won a round of Kart Rider, he naturally started screaming.

At one point, Jimin played while standing at a 90-degree angle because his game glitched and ran on its side.

During the individual Kart Rider round (where all of the members played against each other), Rap Monster said he was sorry for being last during one leg of the course. Leave it to savage Suga to come in with a sick burn: “You don’t need to be sorry to them. You need to be sorry to you.”

Jimin ended up coming in last place -- so his punishment included dancing to “Blood, Sweat and Tears” while getting doused in water, then cleaning the floors.

Sadly, ARMYs didn’t get a taste of Jungkook’s Overwatch skills after he tweeted a video of his gameplay in March.

Watch the episode here

Ep. 24 - Oct. 24

The members split into teams to fend off the zombies at the Korean amusement park, Everland.

This episode was filled with jumpscares -- and Suga, Jin, Jimin and J-Hope were the most susceptible victims.

One ARMY summed up each member’s reaction to the frights.

And this fan is responsible for the best tweet of the episode.

Watch the episode here

Ep. 23 - Oct. 17

In this episode, every member teamed up with a cute doggo and learned to how to play with and train them.

It made ARMYs feel soft inside.

The pet therapy gave fans the feels.

One fan even compared Ep. 23 and Ep. 24 to The Fairly Oddparents.

Watch the episode here

Ep. 22 - Oct. 3

During the show's Chuseok (Korean harvest festival holiday) special, the members donned hanbok and played traditional Korean games.

Fans obviously rejoiced the return of the series.

One ARMY made a compilation of the members saying “naknak” and “nyamnyam.”

Another fan acknowledged the hilarity of the episode.

Watch the episode here.