20 K-Pop Songs for Your Halloween Playlist by BTS, BIGBANG, EXO & More

Seo Taiji "Christmalo Win"
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Seo Taiji, "Christmalo Win"

Halloween is here, and with it comes candy, costumes and all of the playlists you need to get through the holiday. While K-pop videos are rife with haunting, theatrical imagery, finding the perfect Halloween-appropriate K-pop tracks can be a bit daunting. But fret not --here are 20 songs to put you in a creepy mood and help you enjoy the holiday. 

“Black Cat” by 4Minute

Eerie in its quirky electro-pop sound, “Black Cat” evokes witchy imagery and is a perfect pump-up track to get Halloween started. Fun and dark all at once, the song is a feel-good revenge tune with powerful elements.

“Boy Meets Evil” by BTS

If the title weren’t enough to get you into the Halloween mood, the grim sound of “Boy Meets Evil” will. J-Hope’s tempestuous rap jumps all over the place to produce an ominous vibe, while Jungkook’s repetition of “It’s too sweet” notches up the creep factor with its haunting tone.

“Chase Me” by Dreamcatcher

The girl group started 2017 by introducing the world to their darkly ambient sound that would fit into any Halloween pop playlist. “Chase Me” is both sinister and vibrant, opening up with propulsive synths before transforming into a vengeful pop-rock anthem tinged with metal-infused instrumentals.

“Christmalo.Win” by Seo Taiji

With a music video that takes on societal issues through the lens of a Tim Burton-style Christmas vs. Halloween face-off, Seo’s sinister synth-rock track “Chirstmalo.Win” references trick-or-treating and provides a spooky, singsong finale that will give any listener the chills.  

“Devil” by Super Junior

An upbeat, smooth pop alternative to the doom and gloom of some songs on this K-pop Halloween playlist, Super Junior’s “Devil” is effusive in its praise of the titular heartbreaking devil. Less scary and more sweet, it's a song for those who want to avoid the horror elements of the holiday. 

“Dilemma” by INFINITE

This Japanese INFINITE track offers up a dynamic synth-pop-rock opera sound that soars with wailing harmonies. It’s more theatrical than much of INFINITE’s music, but is perfect for setting the Halloween mood.

“Dracula” by f(x)

What’s more perfect to get into Halloween with than a scream-filled blood-sucker inspired song by one of K-pop’s most explorative groups? “Dracula” is the epitome of a creepy track, with organs and glittering synths propelling the song’s electro-pop melody as the members’ vocals twist this way and that.

“Full Moon” by Sunmi

Though Halloween 2017 isn’t taking place on a full moon, few K-pop tracks are as haunting as Sunmi’s rhythmic “Full Moon.” Paired with a vampire-inspired performance, it’s a must for the season.

“Ghost of the Wind” by ZE:A  

Dynamic strings, dominating chants, and funky dance elements make ZE:A’s thematically-inspired song apropos for this time of year. While less ghoulish than expected, it's operatic style fits into Halloween's theatrical feel. 

“Married to the Music” by SHINee

With a music video inspired by the imagery of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and other B-grade horror films, SHINee’s funky “Married to the Music” is a go to for any K-pop fan seeking to put a bit of groove into their holiday.

“Midnight Circus” by Sunny Hill

Organs and brassy instrumentals propel this energetic song, while the member's foreboding delivery of the vocals up the dark elements of “Midnight Circus.” Paired with references to Dracula and creepy nights, it’s impossible not to get into the Halloween feel listening to this track.

“Monster” by BIGBANG

Sorrowful in its ghastly nature, "Monster" pairs sentimentality with an upbeat dance tempo, exploding in the chorus as the boy band member’s promise “Baby, I’m not a monster.” With a music video that transforms BIGBANG into beings straight out of the most fashionable fairy tales, it's Halloween-inspiration at its finest. 

“Obsession” by G-Dragon

Kicking off with an eerily ambient melody before switching gears and moving into the off-kilter, Auto-Tuned body of “Obsession,” G-Dragon is at his most unsettling on this 2010 track.

“Psycho” by History

Inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name, “Psycho” is a grimy ode to the sort of crazy desire to dominate another person. Melodic in its retro synth-pop style, the song features dramatic vocals from the quintet, whose overall delivery is chilling. 

“Scream” by BoA

One of the songs off of BoA’s English album, “Scream” is an ominous take on dance pop that declares itself “A Halloween serenade," and threatens to make its listener afraid. 

“The Reason I Became a Witch” by NS Yoon-G

Kicking off with a jewelry-box style intro, “The Reason I Became a Witch” is a genre-blending number that blends rock percussion with hip-hop and pop elements to craft a revenge track of magical proportions.

“Thirsty” by Taemin

This alt R&B track builds slowly, like a hunter tracking its prey, with gentle chimes and groovy beats playing off of one another while unconventional synths drive the song to its most dramatic moments. Foreboding in its subtlety, it’s as Halloween as K-pop comes.


Vibrant in its electro-pop nature, “TT” isn’t necessarily a Halloween must-listen. But it’s music video is all about trick-or-treaters going somewhere they shouldn’t and features a variety of costumes that are perfect for the holiday.

“Voodoo Doll” by VIXX

From the intro’s gothic instrumentals until the track’s finale, “Voodoo Doll” is a dark electro-pop banger. Released with one of the goriest K-pop music videos ever, the haunting song is the ideal K-pop Halloween hype track.

“Wolf” by EXO

Love it or hate the song, which has proven very decisive among K-pop fans, it doesn’t get much more Halloween-esque than EXO’s “Wolf.” Dramatic in its delivery of a hip pop-dubstep style, the howling song is animated in its wolfishness, matching the impish vibe of the season.



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