K-Pop Boy Band Got7 'Turn Up' in New Music Video for Their Japanese Comeback

GOT7, "Turn Up"
Courtesy Photo

GOT7, "Turn Up"

Although Got7 went for a softer concept with their latest Korean comeback, “You Are,” they’re back to their brash antics with their latest Japanese single, “Turn Up,” released on Monday (Oct. 30).

It’s a fitting song title for a group that is responsible for the most dabs in K-pop history #StopDabDab2k17. This is the title track from their second Japanese mini album, Turn Up, which is set to drop on Nov. 15.

Fittingly, the song takes on an EDM mold, with blaring electronic sounds to complement their amped-up choreography. “Turn Up” has the obligatory triple hi-hats to spare, evoking the American hip hop from which the phrase “turn up” originates -- an interesting choice for promotions in an industry that is much less set on borrowing American culture than their home base in Korea. They take their drops literally -- once the sound cuts out, a subtle water drop can be heard.

Rapper and resident mood-maker Jackson is reportedly absent due to health issues -- but that doesn’t affect the quality of Got7’s dance formations as they easily adapt to a six-member routine.

The coloring of the music video is muted, taking on a glow-in-the-dark appearance that enables the cinematography to feel atmospheric without veering toward moodiness. The clean-cut party boys manage to be in-your-face without being hard, tapping into the imagery of hip-hop excess as they drive around in expensive sports cars.

Got7 has courted the Japanese market since 2014’s “Around the World” -- and their first Japanese mini album, Hey Yah, reached No. 3 on Japan’s Oricon album chart last year.

The septet recently released their seventh Korean mini album, 7 For 7, this month -- which peaked at No. 2 on the World Albums chart.

Watch the music video for “Turn Up” below.