TWICE Introduces New Single 'Likey' & 'Twicetagram' Album: Exclusive

Rising K-pop group TWICE has graced the world with new music once again with the release of their first full-length album twicetagram on Monday (Oct. 30). Inspired by social media, the album is led by the vivacious future electro-pop single “Likey” and features 12 other tracks, including several that were co-written by members of the act. 

With five insanely popular Korean singles already under their belt--including the Halloween-themed “TT” -- TWICE is one of K-pops most popular girl groups and the new album has already begun to garner a lot of attention. twicetagram quickly moved into top five albums of on the U.S iTunes real time charts within half a day of its release and the music video for "Likey" amassed just under 7 million views on YouTube.

Along with the single, twicetagram explores a variety of brightly styled tracks. The saccharine pop rock “Missing U” sits beside the likes of the chanty “FFW” and the bouncy trap vibe of “24/7” and the soaring electropop “Love Line,” with each song riffing on a variety of elements and referencing the title’s social media inclinations.

In a special exclusive video for Billboard, the nine ladies of TWICE introduce the new single and album, highlighting the ballad “Turtle,” and perform a short a cappella rendition of the chorus of “Likey.” Watch it above.