BTS Channels 'Snow White' In Halloween-Themed 'Go Go' Performance Video

Korean boy band BTS surprised fans on Friday (Oct. 27) with the release of a new video on their YouTube channel that featured the septet performing the dance to their Love Yourself: Her B-side ‘Go Go’--dressed like Snow White and dwarves.

The nearly-six-minute long video shows member V dressed as the Disney Princess, while the band's other members -- Rap Monster, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook-- perform the powerful choreography of "Go Go" in bright outfits reminiscent of what the dwarves were drawn in the 1938 animated film.

The video was shared through BTS' BANGTANTV YouTube channel and is the latest of the group's ongoing "Bangtan Bomb" series. At the beginning of it, the members play rock-paper-scissors to determine which of the seven will dress up as the apple-biting princess, with members exuberantly cheering as they win the game and miss out on the opportunity to dress up as Snow White.

While offering up a festive performance in the video, “Go Go,” or “Rather Than Worrying Go” as the song is titled in Korean, is a tropical hip hop track on Her that confronts South Korea’s millennial culture. Co-written by “Hitman” Bang Si-Hyuk, the head of BTS’ label Big Hit Entertainment, the song’s lyrics feature phrases like “YOLO” and "tangjinjaem," a Korean slang term denoting spending money carelessly for the sake of momentary, cheap pleasures.

BTS is hardly the only K-pop stars getting into the Halloween spirit; SM Entertainment’s annual Halloween party led to “Iron Man” trending worldwide on Twitter yesterday (Oct. 26) after EXO’s Chanyeol was spotted wearing a multi-thousand-dollar costume of the Marvel character.

Watch BTS' Snow White-inspired "Go Go" video below: