NCT's Doyoung and gugudan's Kim Sejeong Duet on Romantic 'Star Blossom'

Courtesy Photo
Doyoung and Sejeong, "Star Blossom"

NCT’s Doyoung and gugudan’s Kim Sejeong are perfectly cast as a couple in the music video for their SM Station collaboration, “Star Blossom,” which was released on Friday (Oct. 13).

This soft, jazzy track opens with a slow fade-in on Sejeong’s pretty vocals over a music box tune. The lyrics revolve around a romantic night stroll between lovers, and the song is full of subtle components that emphasize this theme. The tinkling of the keys during a piano solo fit lyrics like “You are so bright, even more than those stars / Only you are vivid in my eyes.”

There are a lot of clever components to the song -- Doyoung’s falsetto melds into Sejeong’s sweet soprano, tying into lyrics like, “Oh I try to match my steps with you,” which they both sing as one. To add to the romantic atmosphere, the instrumental bridge sounds like a waltz.

The music video is also thematically consistent, showcasing the chemistry between the idols. The set is dreamy, as the two hold hands on a balcony in front a night cityscape. There’s an adorable moment when Sejeong fakes out Doyoung by pretending to feed him a piece of cake then eating it herself. By the end, the video rewinds back to the moment they meet at the coffee shop.

SM Station is a project by Big 3 company SM Entertainment that seeks to showcase SM artists (in this case, Doyoung) in collaborations with outside musicians. The second season kicked off on March 21 with Red Velvet’s “Would You,” and this latest release is the 28th in the series. Doyoung previously released a song for SM Station called “Sound of Your Heart” alongside six of his vocally gifted labelmates -- fellow NCT member Taeil, Super Junior’s Yesung, Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and f(x)’s Luna.

Watch the music video for “Star Blossom” below: