GOT7 Shows Its Softer Side On 'You Are' Music Video: Watch

GOT7, "You Are"
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GOT7, "You Are"

Over half a year since completing their Flight Log trilogy, GOT7 returned today (Oct. 10) with their 7 For 7 album fronted by the single “You Are.”

Co-written by JB (under his producing pseudonym Defsoul), who leads the chorus with his lush vocals, “You Are” veers away from the group's more recent performance and hip-hop-focused singles. Instead, it focuses on the uplifting, mellow tones of the group’s vocalists and counters them with hard-hitting raps from GOT7’s rappers, crafting an evocative pop-EDM track.

Sentimental in its soaring builds and sweeping melodies, the low-key bop equates the feelings of love to a clear, beautiful sky that helps makes the world a better place.

While a divergence from their more hard hitting singles of late, “You Are” lends a softer, more mature side to GOT7, and follows the sonic path JB and Jinyoung first put forth on Verse 2, their most recent album as the duo JJ Project.

J.Y. Park, the head of GOT7’s label JYP Entertainment, took to social media and praised the boy band for releasing their first self-written single.

“The scary thing about this team is that they're still growing like a rookie!” wrote Park in both Korean and English. “Congrats on the self-made first single.”

“You Are” leads the band's 7 For 7 album, the group’s seventh EP. Following the theme, the album features seven tracks, each of which was co-written by at least one member of GOT7: the Bruno Mars-esque slowburn "Moon U" was co-written by Youngjae (as Ars) and features lyrics by BamBam; JB (as Defsoul) worked on the alt R&B "Teenager"; the soft pop EDM "Firework" had Jinyoung's hand in it;  BamBam co-wrote the jazzy ballad "Remember You"; Yugyeom took things in a soulful direction while creating "To Me;" Jackson, Mark, and BamBam rounded things out by penning lyrics for the album's final track, the invigorating electropop ballad "Face."

The music video for “You Are” was filmed in Jackson’s hometown of Hong Kong and features the members enjoy the city and its surrounding scenery, backed by the bright beautiful sky, as they come together as seven.

Watch the video for GOT7’s “You Are” below: