Seventeen's Performance Team Dominates Brooklyn in '13th Month's Dance (Lilili Yabbay)' Music Video: Watch

Seventeen "The 13th Month’s Dance"
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Seventeen, "The 13th Month’s Dance" 

Few performers could make the sidewalks of New York City look enticing, but four of Seventeen’s members managed just that in the music video for their latest song.

“13th Month’s Dance (Lilili Yabbay)” dropped on Oct. 8 by the K-pop boy band, the third in a series of releases that utilize the diverse talents of the group’s 13 members by highlighting the team's subunits.

The latest song is a dynamic track that never veers where it seems to be headed, beginning as a future bass track before introducing subtle percussion and electronic guitar riffs. Heavily-distorted vocals and electropop elements round out the experimental song, which serves as a backdrop to the actual star of the show, the foursome's dance routine.

Fittingly, the boy band's performance unit display their skill through the charismatic, contemporary depiction of “13th Month’s Dance,” offering up Seventeen’s most intricately detailed choreography to date.

Draped in flowing white outfits and matching chalky white makeup, Hoshi, The8, Jun and Dino command the viewer's attention with their stylized moves that are all at once seductive and powerful. Shot in front of the Brooklyn Borough Hall building, the quartet dominated the NYC street corner and turned the sidewalk into a stage as they blended a variety of dance forms to emphasize the sensuality of the human physique.

Despite not containing any of the boy band's primary vocalists or rappers, Seventeen's performance unit is anything but a minor player in the group's career. After the act gained renown early on for their upbeat funk-pop styling, last year’s “Highlight” by the four dancers launched the maturing act towards more EDM-influenced music. With its dramatic flare and artistic performance elements, “13th Month’s Dance” is a similarly new take on what it means to be Seventeen, and it remains to be seen if the performance unit once again becomes a trendsetter for the larger K-pop team as a whole.

“13th Month’s Dance” is the third song released as part of the group’s Before Al1 project, following this year’s Al1 album and ahead of Seventeen’s upcoming album on Nov. 6.

Watch the music video here: