iKON's Bobby Hits Top 5 of World Albums With Debut Solo Album

Courtesy Photo
Bobby, "I Love You"

With Love and Fall, Bobby gets a full album to prove his talents as a multi-talented musician with the charts welcoming the opportunity with open arms.

Bobby's debut album starts at No. 2 on Billboard's World Albums chart, making it the best-selling K-pop album in America this week. Love and Fall ties the same peak position of Bobby's boy band, the seven-membered iKON, who sent their Welcome Back album to No. 2 in October 2015. 

Even before his official debut in iKON, Bobby was proving his talents as a K-hip-hop star to watch with standout verses in collaborations with longtime rap stars like Epik High (with a scene-stealing moment in "Born Hater") and Masta Wu (taking a lead in the MC's comeback single "Come Here").

While Love and Fall showcases his signature attack-style delivery with tracks like "Up" and the heartfelt single "Runaway" with its emotional music video, Bobby also proves he can master a slew of musical genres. Most unexpectedly, Bobby flexes his vocals on his tropical-pop tracks "I Love You" and "Tendae," with their refreshing dance production. But Bobby also masters bouncy trap with the standouts "Swim" and "Firework," and even dips into the realm of R&B ballads with "In Love."

Despite all the experimentation, the LP feels cohesive thanks to Bobby's charisma and delivery and also, likely, thanks to the 21-year-old writing on every track.

To date, Bobby has landed four different solo songs on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart with his best performance in "Holup!" a solo track he recorded for a side project called MOBB, and for featuring on Hi Suhyu's "I'm Different." Both tracks peaked at No. 3. With iKON has also peaked as high as No. 3 with 2015 singles "My Type" and "Apology."

Watch Bobby bring "Runaway" to life with a live performance below.