'Produce 101' K-pop Boy Band Wanna One Debuts With 'Energetic': Watch

Wanna One, 'Energetic'
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Wanna One, 'Energetic'

Like their predecessors I.O.I, Wanna One is poised to be one of the biggest new K-pop acts of the year.

Formed through the second season of audience-voted competition show Produce 101, the 11-member boy band dropped their first EP 1×1=1 (To Be One) on Tuesday (Aug. 8).

Immediately following its release, the album's lead single “Energetic” and several other tracks were driven into the top tiers of Korean music charts, reports the Korea Herald

Chosen from over 100 potential boy band candidates, Wanna One is a K-pop group with a limited lifespan as the group is planned to come to an end in December 2018. The act's members -- Bae Jinyoung, Ha Sungwoon, Hwang Minhyun, Kang Daniel, Kim Jaehwan, Lai Guanlin, Lee Daehwi, Ong Seongwu, Park Jihoon, Park Woojin, and Yoon Jisung -- and their first single were voted on by South Korean fans, whose ardent support propelled the single “Energetic” and the house hype track “Burn It Up” to surpass songs by more established acts on Korean charts, with "Energetic" taking hold of the top spot. Other songs from Wanna One’s debut EP have since joined the two tracks.

1x1=1 also had a promising debut on the US iTunes album chart, landing in the top 30, which is good tidings for the group just days before they perform stateside at KCON 2017 LA.

“Energetic” lives up to its title as an invigorating dance track, with tempo shifts seamlessly energizing the momentum of the song. Beginning with a mellow piano intro before moving into the sweeping electropop chorus, the single bounces between rhythms with ease, forming a multi-tempo tune that provides ample space for both sweeping vocals and rhythmic raps.  

The song’s accompanying music video features a vibrantly hued introduction to the boy band with an emphasis on their sharp choreography, with the members coming together on several occasions in creative dance formations. Opening with 11 men emulating the shape of a piano while Hwang plays, the members are seen having fun and playing around in a variety of scenes before breaking into the chorus' hard-hitting motions. 

Watch “Energetic” here: