GOT7's JJ Project Returns After Five Years With Introspective 'Tomorrow, Today': Watch

JJ Project, 'Tomorrow, Today'
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JJ Project, 'Tomorrow, Today'

In 2012, JYP Entertainment, one of Korea’s dominant music companies, debuted a new duo. The bright JJ Project garnered attention with their upbeat, genre-blending “Bounce,” but was incorporated into GOT7 two years later. Now, with the release of a new album, JJ Project has resurfaced with a brand new sound five years after their first, and only, release.

On Monday (July 31), JB (Lim Jaebeom) and Jinyoung (Park Jinyoung) dropped their first EP as JJ Project, Verse #2, led by the reflective single “Tomorrow, Today.” Divesting of their youthful debut sound, and the dance R&B elements favored by GOT7 singles as of late, the contemplative K-pop track offers up a mellow, pop rock alternative, with similarly laid-back styles heard throughout the rest of the EP.  

Featuring a gentle, percussive rhythm and harmonious melodies, "Tomorrow, Today" blends JB's smooth tone with Jinyoung's melodious one. While the mature, more intimate sonic styling is a definite change of pace, it's a fitting second-wind for the two men who have spent five years of their career together, during which they've balanced one another's vocals both in JJ Project and as two of GOT7's main vocalists. 

The song's lyrics also feel more personal than their previous efforts, and highlight the difficulty of making decisions about the future while being tied to the present; apropos for two 20-somethings trying to make their ways in the world. "Today I hesitantly answer the questions again that I don't even know the answer to,” sing the pair in the chorus. “Is it this way? Or that way?/ My decisions are getting scary,” they add, reflecting the very real fears of people moving forward on new paths. 

The accompanying music video depicts an ambient, vibrantly-hued coming-of-age story as the two travel in an old car and bond with one another through contemplation. Drawing on fictional characters who have dealt with the struggle of figuring out their paths for inspiration, Jinyoung is seen reading J.D Salinger's The Catcher In the Rye while JB reads Paulo Coelho's Veronika Decides to Die, though they swap books at the end of the short film.

Composed by Mayu Wakisaka and collapsedone, the latter of whom has worked on labelmate Day6’s similarly soft rock sound, the single is one of the few tracks on the album not co-composed by either Jinyoung or JB. All of Verse #2’s eight tracks, including solos of each member only available on the physical CDs, feature lyrics written by JJ Project.

J.Y. Park, the pair's producer who co-wrote the lyrics of “Tomorrow, Today” with them, complimented JJ Project on Instagram and wrote that he wished JYP Entertainment had more artists like the duo. "Keeping their identity but still listening to the people around them," wrote Park. "What more can I ask for? Just thankful to have them with us."

Watch the music video for "Tomorrow, Today" here: