Co-Ed K-Pop Group K.A.R.D Drops Summery "Hola Hola"

KARD "Hola Hola"
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KARD "Hola Hola"

After half a year of singles and touring throughout North and South America, K.A.R.D formally debuted on Wednesday (July 19) with the release of “Hola Hola.”

Their fourth single, “Hola Hola” revisits K.A.R.D’s stereotypical Latin-inspired dance music to create a groovy summery tune littered with shimmering synths and callbacks to their previous songs, which saw were popular among international K-pop fans. Taking advantage of the quartet’s skillset, the new track is driven by Somin’s melodic vocals, with propulsive raps courtesy of J.Seph, B.M, and Jiwoo propelling the song to the soaring refrain of the chorus.

The song was paired with a music video that shows the four enjoying the warm weather in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Mexico, and Brazil exploring and playing around. Interspersed with the storyline of K.A.R.D's members joining up and going on a road trip to Sin City are a variety of scenes featuring the group dancing atop of a cliff.

K.A.R.D’s atypical debut promotions had the group unofficially releasing music and touring since the release of "Oh NaNa" last December. Unlike many rookie K-pop acts, K.A.R.D quickly built up a large following internationally thanks to their dancehall and reggaeton-infused songs, which enabled them to hold shows in multiple cities in the Americas. With each new song, the group’s seen continual success, even before dropping their first EP. Prior to "Hola Hola," the group’s most recent release, the moombahton-inspired “Rumour,” brought the group to No. 3 on the World Digital Song Sales chart in May.

With the release of their Hola Hola EP, the quartet will reportedly begin focusing their attention on promoting in South Korea, with television appearances and performances.

Along with the titular single, the EP featured two new songs, the dubstep-heavy “I Can’t Stop” and the relaxed hip-hop track “Living Good (Special Thanks To),” which includes callouts to the people and fans who have helped support K.A.R.D.

K.A.R.D will be touring in the U.S. later this summer, and appearing at KCON 2017 LA at the Staples Center on August 20.

Watch the music video for "Hola Hola" here: