Red Velvet Offers a Taste of Summer With 'Red Flavor' Song & Video: Watch

Red Velvet, "Red Flavor"
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Red Velvet, "Red Flavor"

K-pop quintet Red Velvet is the latest female act to drop a bright, summery track with the release of “Red Flavor” on Sunday (July 9).

“Red Flavor” reverberates with dramatic synths and a percussive melody as the five women sing about their fruit-flavored summer love. "What I like the most is the taste of summer," Red Velvet declares, evoking the tastes of fresh fruit, candy, ice cream and cocktails to paint a sonic picture of a vibrant seasonal romance.

Dynamic in its jam-packed, but not overpowering, production, “Red Flavor” doesn’t hold back in its summery boldness, filled with soaring, harmonious vocals and a steady clapping beat.

“Red Flavor” is Red Velvet’s take on the electro-pop trend currently popular amongst K-pop girl groups, and sure to be one of this summer’s K-pop earworms. Like other Red Velvet singles, “Red Flavor” is filled with quirky surprises throughout the cheery melody and playful lyrics.

The structure itself is a bit atypical, with the song diving headfirst into the hook-filled chorus straight away. The exuberant chorus is propelled by the distorted, repeated titular phrase, reminiscent of some of the wubby work producer-artist Hitchhiker has released under Red Velvet’s label, SM Entertainment. Each member is given her chance to shine through the effusive verses, while the song switches things up a bit in the second half with Irene and Yeri providing a rap bridge before the final rendition of the chorus. The song ends on a sweet, simple note, with Wendy warmly declaring, without any backtrack or sound effects, “The best part of summer is you.”

The group’s latest single is the lead track off of its Red Summer EP, Red Velvet’s first album since February’s Rookie, which landed the girls atop the World Album chart for the second time.

Along with “Red Flavor,” the EP includes five songs, beginning with the warm EDM song “You Better Know.” The playful, rhythmic “Zoo” recalls the group’s animal sound-infused first track “Happiness” and is followed by the saccharine “Mojito.” Things end on a reflective note with the R&B-tinged “Hear the Sea.”

As one of K-pop's most popular young girl groups, Red Velvet's had a major impact on the industry with vibrant hits, including "Ice Cream Cake" and "Dumb Dumb."  The band debuted the new song during its company's SMTown concert on Saturday and then released a fruit-infused music video on Sunday.

Watch the video for "Red Flavor" below: