Get to Know BTS: Jungkook

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After their global popularity led BTS to becoming the first ever K-pop group to win a BBMA at the 2017 awards, a feat that no other Korean aside from Psy has achieved, all eyes are on the septet. With their trend-setting approach to K-pop and their charismatic, but relatable, personalities, the boy band is the most visible Asian act in the US right now.

While their ever loyal ARMY knows everything that there is to learn about BTS', there's a lot to this South Korean act that newcomers may not be familiar with. But Billboard's basic guide to the BTS members is here to help.

Born Sept. 1, 1997, Jeon Jungkook is the youngest member. He's grown in front of the eyes of BTS' ARMY, and is an all-around talented performer, recognized for both his singing and his dancing. Get to know a bit more about him with five facts to know: 

1. This Boy Can Sing

He’s the youngest member of BTS, but don’t mistake age for inexperience. Jungkook takes front and center during many of BTS’ songs and as he’s grown older so have his skills. While ARMY are well aware of his talent, the rest of South Korea also had a chance to be impressed when he appeared last year on the popular TV show King of Masked Singer. (Fun fact: he auditioned for a Korean singing show and after his submission video made the rounds in the entertainment industry, he was one of the most in-demand K-pop trainees ever.)

2. ...and Dance

Jungkook’s called the “golden maknae,” or younger sibling, because of his all-around skill-set. He and BTS’ Jimin are known for practicing choreography together.

3. He Covers a Lot of Songs

He may be in one of the world’s most popular boy bands, but Jungkook is still developing his sound by learning from his faves. Just search up “Jungkook” on YouTube and numerous covers will pop up. A big hit was a cover of Charlie Puth’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” which Puth even tweeted about after he heard Jungkook’s cover. (Jungkook remade the cover with Jimin for BTS' recent anniversary celebration.) 


4. Recent High School Graduate

Jungkook was only 15-years-old when BTS debuted and started high school a year late so that he could focus on the group. He graduated this year in February. The rest of the band members celebrated BTS’ youngest member when he reached his educational milestone.


5. Loves Gaming 

Like young men around the world, one of Jungkook’s favorite hobbies is playing video games and he's shared quite a few videos of himself playing his current favorite, Overwatch. During an interview with Yahoo Esports, he said that his favorite player is YulmuAppa.