Get To Know BTS: Jin

After their global popularity led BTS to becoming the first ever K-pop group to win a Billboard Music Award at the 2017 awards show -- a feat that no other Korean act aside from PSY has achieved -- all eyes are on the septet. With their trend-setting approach to K-pop and their charismatic, but relatable, personalities, the boy band is the most visible Asian act in the U.S. right now. 

While their ever-loyal ARMY know everything that there is to know about BTS' seven members, there's a lot to know about this South Korean act. But Billboard 's basic guide to BTS' members is here to help. 

The oldest of the group, born on Dec. 4, 1992, Kim Seok Jin was discovered on the street while in university studying acting, and was invited to audition for BigHit Entertainment. When BTS dropped their first album in 2013, Jin debuted as one of the group’s four vocalists.

1. Just Call Him “Third One From The Left”

“Car Door Guy” is also an acceptable nickname for BTS’ oldest member, whose appearance keeps going viral. In 2015, Jin was spotted getting out of a car at the MelOn Music Awards looking extremely fine, and his photos from throughout the night went viral amongst K-pop fans. Then at the BBMAs this year, again Jin’s appearance excited the Twitterverse, with viewers wondering which BTS member was standing three from the left as the group posed on the magenta carpet.

2. He Co-Produced His Wings Solo Track

Though he’s had his hand in songwriting before, Jin had his first attempt at producing last year for his song “Awake.” A melancholic tune that blends orchestral balladry with a rhythmic bass, the BTS member put his all into his solo song on the group's Billboard 200-ranked album Wings. 

3. BTS' Resident Foodie

Not only is he good looking, but Jin’s also good in the kitchen. On multiple occasions the members have mentioned that Jin's often responsible for cooking and feeding the rest of the team, and in the past he’s even posted photos of cooking experiments on the band’s blog. He also has his own webseries called "Eat Jin."

4. The BTS King of Dad Jokes

When it comes to humor, Jin is extremely paternal. Yes, not only is he The Good Looking One (though aren’t they all?) who likes food and cooking, but Jin is also the funny one known for those oh-so punny jokes that ARMY, and the BTS members, love rolling their eyes at. 

5. A Man With a Guitar

BTS typically dances while they sing on stage, but Jin’s been known to sit down and pull out the guitar every now and then during live events and videos. And sometimes, during his livestreams he even eats (see no. 3) and plays guitar.