HyunA-Fronted Triple H Releases Controversial Suicide-Themed '365 Fresh' Video: Watch

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Triple H, "365 Fresh"

Live, and die, each day to the most. That’s what Triple H, Korea’s latest collaborative group, says in their debut single, “365 Fresh.”

HyunA, formerly of 4minute, and labelmates Hui and E'Dawn, members of boy band Pentagon, dropped the playful jam and their first EP, 199X, on Monday (May 1). A throwback to the ‘90s, the synth-driven groove track "365 Fresh" is the latest song out of Korea to draw on funk to create a breezy, festive sound. With a pounding bass line and soulful melodies, the single sounds a lot like the start of summer.  

For such an upbeat song, one that emulates Bruno Mars’ brand of funk, “365 Fresh” presents a bit of a split personality when it comes to its music video. Though the inspiring message of the lyrics is about living a free, or “fresh,” life and being unique ("Change the color that’s the same every day," "We all have different young souls and lives"), the single was accompanied by a nostalgic video that revels in the ultimate escape, suicide.

Featuring the trio as strangers who come together while running from their problems -- Hui is on the run and a car thief, HyunA kills someone after being sexually harassed, and E'Dawn is trying to kill himself unsuccessfully -- they spend a night together, end up getting chased by cops, and then jump off a bridge, united. The colorful video turns to black and white as the threesome falls to their ends as credits roll. 

Not exactly typical K-pop fare with its blatant sexuality and frank approach to death, the music video follows the suggestive styling of Trouble Maker, HyunA’s earlier project duo with Jang Hyunseung, former member of boy band Beast. The controversial video rapidly racked up over 2 million views within 24 hours of being released.

“365 Fresh” is the lead track on Triple H’s first EP, 199X. Along with the single, the '90s-inspired album features three other songs that draw on that eras musical styles, including funk-hip hop hybrid “Sunflower,” R&B-tinged “What’s Going On?,” and the pop ballad “Girl Girl Girl." An instrumental version of "365 Fresh" rounds out 199X

Watch the music video for "365 Fresh" here: