Got7 Completes 'Flight Log' Trilogy with 'Arrival' EP

GOT7, "Never Ever"
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GOT7, "Never Ever"

A year after taking off, K-pop boy band GOT7 put their recent album trilogy to rest on Monday (March 13) with the release of Flight Log: Arrival.

The eight-song EP completes the Flight Log project with a focus on hip-hop and EDM. Lead single “Never Ever” is co-written by frequent collaborator earattack, the HeavyMental production team, and JYP Entertainment founder JY Park. The track incorporates a wide range of styles into its off-kilter melody, with an emphasis on future bass, tropical house beats, and forceful raps. 

"Never Ever" is the only song on Flight Log: Arrival not to be crafted by at least one of the band members, as each of the seven men are credited throughout the tracklisting for their songwriting and lyrical contributions. The bombastic "Shopping Mall" -- with its nod to the "shy shy shy" catchphrase featured in lablemates' Twice's "Cheer Up"-- is credited to Jackson, while Jinyoung led the dancehall-ready "Paradise." The R&B tilt of "Sign" comes courtesy of Youngjae (credited as Ars), and both the hyperactive pacing of "Go Higher" and the lighthearted "Q" were co-written by JB (as Defsoul). Yugyeom's co-written "Don't Care" and the Jackson-driven banger "Out" round out the album. Rappers Mark and BamBam also are credited for lyrical additions on multiple songs. 

After kicking off the project with the release of Flight Log: Departure EP (alternatively known as Fly), last March, GOT7's year-long trilogy helped propel the group to their most successful era since they arrived on the K-pop scene in 2014. The album dominated numerous charts, including the World Album Year-End Chart and the Year-End World Albums Artists chart, and resulted in the group outranking Psy on the Artist 100. The follow-up, September's Flight Log: Turbulence, topped the World Albums chart. 

The music video released for “Never Ever" offers closure to a narrative begun last March with a trailer for Flight Log: Departure. The overarching plot throughout the project depicted member Jinyoung on the verge of death, showing him in situations such as stepping off a roof, on a plane during intense turbulence, drowning etc. “Never Ever” continues the storyline, with Jinyoung only surviving after other GOT7 members save him from life-threatening situations. The video, and trilogy, ends with him -- spoiler alert -- gasping for air with eyes wide open on a hospital bed after appearing to get defibrillated.  

Watch the dramatic conclusion to GOT7's Flight Log trilogy here: