Eric Nam & Somi Share Springtime Duet 'You, Who?': Watch

Eric Nam & Somi "You, Who?"
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Eric Nam & Somi "You, Who?"

It is the second single tied to Nam's annual, seasonal release project 'Spring Note.'

Korean-American crooner Eric Nam has teamed up with former I.O.I member Somi for a brand new collaboration that's perfect for this time of year. 

The duo dropped the mid-tempo soft rock single “You, Who?” on Thursday (March 9). Co-written by Nam, the song is meant to reflect the feelings of a burgeoning springtime romance.

The acoustic instrumentation and the pair’s airy vocals recall the feeling of the season, while the lighthearted tone of the track is emphasized via the snapping beat and a playful, almost whistling delivery of the titular phrase. 

“You, Who?” is the second single tied to Nam's annual, seasonal release project Spring Note, following his duet last year with Red Velvet’s Wendy. Nam, a singer and popular variety star in South Korea, has become a regular collaborator in the K-pop industry and recently began looking stateside to work with the likes of Timbaland and Gallant.

The song is Somi’s first song as a soloist. The 16-year-old singer -- who also celebrated her birthday on Thursday -- previously garnered attention as one of the most popular members of the temporary K-pop girl group I.O.I. Following the group’s break-up in January, Somi is pursuing a solo career under JYP Entertainment.

The accompanying music video for “You, Who?” shows the pair singing about the start of a springtime romance while dancing, driving and sitting their way through a variety of retro-flavored, Wes Anderson-esque sets. 

Watch the video for "You, Who?" here: