BTS & TWICE Speed Past YouTube's K-Pop View Records

BTS ‘Not Today’
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BTS ‘Not Today’ 

February saw two K-pop acts break YouTube records.

On Tuesday (Feb. 28), YouTube Music revealed that the video for BTS“Not Today”-- uploaded to the streaming platform on Feb. 19 -- is now the most-viewed video in a 24-hour period to debut on the YouTube Top 100 Chart in 2017, outpacing music videos from every other genre worldwide since January. With 13.1 million views, “Not Today” is also the most-viewed Korean track in a 24-hour span to appear on the chart since its debut in February 2016.

The impressive feat led to BTS debuting “Not Today” at No. 13 on the YouTube Top 100 Chart, tying it with TWICE's "TT," which landed in the same spot last October. Fittingly, TWICE trailed closely behind BTS on the updated rankings, with their "Knock Knock" at No. 14. 

“Not Today” broke the K-pop record previously held for most views in 24 hours, a video that was made just a week prior by BTS themselves: the group’s “Spring Day,” The video, the first for the two singles off their You Never Walk Alone reissue album, was viewed 11.8 million times within a day of its release and debuted on the chart last week at No. 17.

Although BTS broke the 24-hour record, “Knock Knock” is the fastest moving K-pop song on the YouTube Top 100 Chart to reach 30 million views, scaling the milestone in six-and-a-half days. However, because of the chart’s time range -- Feb. 17 to Feb. 23 -- BTS took the higher slot in the rankings.

The tight race saw a reversal on the Billboard YouTube chart -- not to be confused with YouTube's own chart -- which saw “Knock Knock” edge out “Not Today” the week of March 11; the TWICE music video debuted at No. 8 while BTS’ “Not Today” claimed No. 10.  

Both acts appeared on a variety of Billboard charts for the week. You Never Walk Alone and TWICE's TWICEcoaster: Lane 2 came in at No. 3 and No. 4 respectively on the World Album chart, while “Not Today” and “Spring Day” took the top two spots of the World Digital Songs Sales chart and with “Knock Knock” at No. 5.

BTS took over a variety of other charts, many of which only occasionally welcome Korean artists to their ranks. “Spring Day” took the final spot on the Canadian Hot 100 while “Not Today” charted at No. 77. Both songs also appeared on the Spotify Viral 50,  with “Spring Day” at No. 38 and “Not Today” at No. 48. And, if that weren’t enough, the aggressive “Not Today” took the No. 1 spot on the Twitter Top Tracks chart.

TWICE and BTS are two of the most popular up-and-coming K-pop acts, with the girl group’s infectious, bright songs regularly becoming viral hits while BTS’ artistic flare has propelled them into the hearts of millions of loyal fans around the world -- and on the Billboard 200 and the Bubbling Under Hot 100 charts. 

Following the release of their record-breaking original music video, BTS released a special eight-minute-long choreography version of “Not Today” on Feb. 26. Watch it here: