Happy 5th Anniversary, EXID! Watch the K-Pop Act's 5 Best Music Videos

EXID pose for photographs during the 2015 Hallyu Dream Festival at Gyeongju Civic Stadium on Sept. 20, 2015 in Gyeongju, South Korea.
ilgan Sports/Multi-Bits via Getty Images

EXID pose for photographs during the 2015 Hallyu Dream Festival at Gyeongju Civic Stadium on Sept. 20, 2015 in Gyeongju, South Korea. 

From viral sensations to releasing one of the best K-pop albums of 2016, EXID’s five years have been a whirlwind of highs and lows for the group. Two years passed before the spotlight shone on the group with their hit “Up & Down,” all thanks to one random performance video on YouTube going viral. Three years later, the feisty quintet has had several hits in Korea and are moving to focus on the Chinese market.

Although there’s been some changes since EXID debuted on Feb. 16, 2012 with “Whoz That Girl,” the quintet’s current lineup -- Solji, LE, Hani, Jeonghwa, and Hyelin-- has turned K-pop on its head with their quirky, but insanely catchy, pop tracks and hyper-sexualized music videos. With each new single, the group outdoes their past efforts with some new visual confection for fans to feast their eyes on.

To celebrate the act's recent fifth anniversary, Billboard counts down their best music videos to date.

5. “Cream” (2016)  

Never ones to avoid innuendo, the music video for the Mandarin version of EXID’s “Cream” has the girls suggestively licking their cream-covered fingers and grabbing their bums. But EXID isn’t just casually going to singing about wanting cream without there being a more sinister twist, like cakes crawling with roaches and icing flavored with poison.

4. “L.I.E" (2016)

K-pop is filled with the sweet and innocent, but EXID is anything but, and proved that once and for all with an erotic trip to Hotel EXID. Acting as the hotel staff dealing with a Barbie and Ken-faced couple, the members referenced masturbation and a variety of sexual positions in this brightly-colored visual.

3. “Every Night” (2012)

The visceral “Every Night” featured the quintet appearing at their fiercest, preparing blood in a blender, then smashing vials of it at a party where they leave everyone dead. Between the women looking fiercely stylish in their sleek leather outfits and a head-tilting plot twist after a vomit-filled party, “Every Night” showed EXID as femme fatales who thrive on ironic comedy. The choreography also hinted at the group’s upcoming success, with the pelvic-focused moves showing hints of what made “Up & Down” such a popular dance.  

2. “Up & Down” (2014)

The group’s first major hit became known because of a viral video showing member Hani performing the gyrating choreography, but the song’s comically inappropriate music video also appealed to the millions of fans getting introduced to EXID. Along with the member’s performing the famous dance moves, the video features the fivesome as assistants for a poorly trained magician who keeps on botching his tricks, causing the women to put a dramatic end to his career. But murdering a masked magician isn’t the most memorable part of the video: it’s when the members suggestively handle phallic objects, like deflated balloons and chainsaws, and kiss and caress them.

1. “Ah Yeah” (2015)

“Ah Yeah” was the group’s bold and empowering response after criticism emerged that EXID had just shot to fame by being the modern-day equivalent of pinup dolls. The music video for EXID’s first post-”Up and Down” single shot back at audiences to counter the group’s objectification. Between the flirtatious Hani morphing into the dominating LE and blurred images appearing to be porn then being revealed as cute little puppies, “Ah Yeah” was EXID’s reprimand to the world for only giving them a time of day because of a dance and not necessarily their music.


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