Block B Channels '90s Sitcoms With Playful 'Yesterday' Video

Block B, "Yesterday"
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Block B, "Yesterday"

Filled with energy, Block B returned Sunday with “Yesterday.”

The new single is an upbeat, alt-rock song that adds a new sound to Block B's roundhouse. Diverging from the group's heavier hip-hop leanings, “Yesterday” has a guitar-heavy melody, but incorporates several raps into the song’s punkish melody.

"Yesterday" features a return to the group’s more comedic, festive side, which Block B last portrayed on 2014’s “Her.” The septet released the song on Sunday, and it is Block B’s first single since their mellow 2016 hit “Toy.”

The playful shuffle rhythm and chanting lyrics are filled with typical Block B swagger, but with a more comical, simpler rock vibe than the overwhelming bombast of some of the group’s past singles, like “Nillili Mambo” and “Very Good.” But while the quirkiness of “Yesterday” matches Block B, the whimsical sound also recalls the style of rival K-pop boy band B1A4.

“Yesterday” was co-composed by Block B member Park Kyung, one of the band’s primary vocalists and a soloist in his own right. Rapper and primary Block B songewriter Zico, whose 2016 single "Bermuda Triangle" was one of the best songs of 2016 -- collaborated with Park on the lyrics.

The song was released with a nostalgia-inducing music video that mimicked the Full House and Friends opening themes. In the sitcom-like video, the seven members of Block B fall for the same woman, then discover through a variety of comedic situations that she’s cheating on each one of them with the rest of the bandmembers.

Six years into their career, Block B has released over a dozen singles and seen several albums appear on the Billboard World Albums chart; last year’s Blooming Period EP, featuring the intensely sentimental “Toy” charted at No. 4.

Watch the music video for "Yesterday" right here: