K-Pop Stars Kept Busy Over Lunar New Year

Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Red Velvet

The Year of the Rooster arrived Saturday and brought with it Lunar New Year festivities from numerous K-pop acts. While most of the country went on vacation, a lot of Korean idols still offered entertainment over the holiday weekend.

Although it’s pretty typical for K-pop singers to release holiday greeting videos while wearing traditional Korean outfits, known as hanbok, rookie boy bands Snuper and Victon took it a step further. Both groups released performance videos while wearing hanbok, showing off their dance skills as they simultaneously commemorated the Lunar New Year. Victon, a recently debuted group and labelmates of popular girl group APink, performed to their song "What Time Is It Now?" while throwing in a few formal bows. Similarly, Snuper couldn’t resist adding a few Lunar New Year additions to the sleek choreography to their synth-pop single “It’s Raining.”

Red Velvet, who will release a new album Wednesday, also chose to celebrate the Lunar New Year traditionally. Through a video uploaded to their company’s YouTube account, four of the five members played a life-size version of yut, a traditional Korean board game, where the foursome acted as the pieces on the board.

Korean television shows were also filled with K-pop singers this Lunar New Year. One holiday special, Elementary School Teacher, featured non-Korean K-pop stars from groups like f(x), 2PM, Super Junior M, NCT and TWICE as they learned about Korean language and culture. Another idol-focused television special, Idol Star Athletics Championship, pitted young pop stars against one another in a variety of relay races. The show is held twice a year over Korea’s Lunar New Year in the winter and the country’s Chuseok holiday in the autumn. This event featured members of EXO, Seventeen, Gfriend, Red Velvet, BTS, Twice, A Pink, EXID, Monsta X, VIXX, and other K-pop groups.

And even though it was technically a holiday, not everybody got it off: GOT7 spent the Lunar New Year in California, where they completed their recent American tour and kicked off the busy 2017 K-pop concert season in the U.S.