SHINee 'Get the Treasure' in New Japanese Music Video

SHINee at KCON LA 2016.
Alexis Hodoyán-Gastélum

SHINee at KCON LA 2016.

Days after announcing their first-ever American solo concerts, Korean boy band SHINee dropped a new Japanese single. On Friday, the eve of the Lunar New Year, the quintet released “Get the Treasure,” off of their new Five album.

The new single breaks away from the group’s most recent electro-pop Korean single, 2016’s “Tell Me What To Do,” with a brassier funk sound. "Get the Treasure" is SHINee’s first song of 2017.

SHINee last toyed with funk on 2015’s “Married to the Music,” but the boisterous Japanese single is a nice return to the genre. “Get the Treasure” features a clapping beat and a high-pitched chorus that brings the members' voices extremely close to full-on falsetto. Members Minho and Key tone things down momentarily with a disjointed, not entirely necessary, rap that stalls the general beat of the song -- something that also hindered the smooth flow of “Tell Me What to Do” -- but the production of the upbeat “Get the Treasure” overall provides an energetic addition to SHINee’s diverse repertoire.

The accompanying music video fits the explosive “Get the Treasure” with a literal tinge that turned the five men into stylish robbers in the middle of a casino heist. The conceptual clip utilized a variety of visual effects to emphasize SHINee's skilled choreography, as the five disregard frozen shattered glass and SWAT teams to dance their way to literal treasure. A standout moment positioned the camera above the members as they lay on the ground and came together to form a five-pointed star. The cinematic video ends with a bomb being fired at the camera.

Five contains 12 tracks, including “Get the Treasure” and two other previous releases, "Kimi no Seide" and "Winter Wonderland." The latter single peaked at No. 3 on the Japan Hot 100 on Jan. 7 after its December release. According to the blurb under the music video, Five will be released Feb. 22, although the album was made available digitally in Japan on Jan. 27.

Watch the stylish video for “Get the Treasure” here: