Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America, Around the World: December 2016

BIGBANG, "Fxxk It"
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BIGBANG, "Fxxk It"

2016 ended on a strong note for K-pop with one of its biggest and longest-lasting acts commanding YouTube viewers throughout the holiday season.

BIGBANG made their long-awaited comeback to the scene with two new music videos, both of which landed atop the lists of most watched K-pop music videos both in America and around the world for December 2016. YouTube reports that "Fxxk It" was the most popular of the two with "Last Dance" just behind it in terms of views.

Fellow boy-band sensations EXO also proved their appeal this past month. Not only did their winter single "For Life" bow on both lists (No. 6 in America and No. 4 worldwide), but member Chanyeol and his collaboration with Punch for the popular Korean drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God also ranks high as "Stay With Me" is the third-most watched K-pop video for the month. 

The popularity of the Guardian official soundtrack is further felt in December with singles like "Beautiful" by Crush (No. 9 in America, No. 5 worldwide) and "My Eyes" by 10cm (No. 9 worldwide).

Seventeen is another hot boy band with their "BoomBoom" video as the fourth-most viewed K-pop in the U.S. last month and sixth internationally.

Meanwhile, Heize and Girls' Generation member Hyoyeon represented the ladies in December. Hyoyeon's "Mystery" video is No. 7 on the U.S. list and No. 8 on the worldwide one, while the Heize's "Star" visual is No. 8 in America and No. 7 internationally.

The last point of interest comes from K.A.R.D, a new, co-ed act whose debut single "Oh NaNa" was the fifth-most watched video in America last month and No. 10 on the international ranking. Mixed-gender groups are much more rare on the K-pop scene and the impressive performance of "Oh NaNa" on YouTube could indicate exciting things for K.A.R.D in the future.

With data provided by YouTube, check out December 2016's K-pop music video charts below with a playlist that you can click through, to watch each video. It's here on Billboard first:

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