10 Interesting Facts to Know About B.A.P

B.A.P at the 27th Golden Disk Awards
AP Photo/Lai Seng Sin

B.A.P at the 27th Golden Disk Awards in Sepang, Malaysia on Jan. 16, 2013.

1. Their name stands for “Best Absolute Perfect.”

Straightforward from the beginning, B.A.P set out as a group aiming for the top, and they’ve lived up to their name on multiple occasions; their impactful debut in 2012 with the EP Warrior was well-received, and landed at no. 10 on the World Album chart. Since then, the boy band has received numerous awards, both in Korea and internationally. Their albums have always appeared in the top three spots on Korea’s Gaon Chart, although their singles have struggled to appear in the top 10, as B.A.P has battled it out with other acts to claim the title of the best absolute perfect K-pop act.

2. They have a highly aggressive, hip hop influenced musical style

At the time of their debut the band was seen as the start of a generational shift away from suaver, gentlemanly boy bands, as B.A.P pursued a tougher style than most K-pop acts. “Warrior” was filled with combative sonic energy, courtesy of pounding beats, frenetic whistling, forceful grunting, military-style stomping, and hard-hitting raps, while the song's music video featured B.A.P as powerful bad boys. (Their next EP was appropriately titled Power.)

While they’ve shied away from the image a bit, they returned to a more dangerous style in their recently released music video for “Skydive,” which showed B.A.P as mobsters and depicted Tarantino-inspired violence. But don’t worry: B.A.P also has a softer and more cheerful side, heard on singles like the jazz-influenced “Coffee Shop” and the funky  “Feel So Good.”

3.  B.A.P Has Been Nominated For Five EMAs… And Won Three

They were first nominated for an EMA in 2013 but lost out on the Best Korean Act title to EXO. At this year’s EMAs, the band picked up the award for Best Korean Act for the second time, following 2014. That same year they also were crowned the Best Japan and Korean Act, and were in the running for the title of Best Worldwide Act.

4. Individual Members Have Helped Drive B.A.P’s Sound

The group’s leader, Bang Yongguk, is most notable for spurring B.A.P’s style, thanks to his experience in a an underground Korean hip-hop crew, prior to going down the K-pop idol path. Since the outfit's first EP, Bang has created lyrics for most of B.A.P’s songs, and over the years he’s co-written and arranged numerous of B.A.P’s songs. Zelo and Jongup have also co-written several songs, and the group as a whole was credited with co-writing lyrics on “Take You There” off of their 2015 Matrix album.

5. B.A.P Had a Major Rough Patch and Came Out on Top

After two years of non-stop releases 7 singles in 2012 alone and touring, the members of B.A.P filed a joint lawsuit against TS Entertainment in November 2014. Citing mistreatment and unfair profit distribution, the sextet took their company to court. In August of the following year, B.A.P and TS Entertainment reached a settlement, and last November, after a year’s hiatus, the group resumed group activities with the release of “Young, Wild & Free.” 

6. They’ve Been on Numerous International Tours

As K-pop becomes more popular around the globe, it also becomes more internationally accessible. B.A.P are the poster boys for that. Along with local tours around Korea, the group’s brought their Live on Earth tour worldwide, including the US and Europe, in 2013, 2014, and again in 2016. 

7. The Act Have Been Around for Four Years and Released Over 20 Singles

And 10 EPs and three full-length albums, most of which were released prior to the mistreatment lawsuit. Since then, B.A.P’s slowed things down a bit: they only released two full-length albums, one EP, and one single album this year, which still makes them one of the most prolific K-pop acts around.

8. Several of the 6 Members Were Introduced to the Public Prior to the Group’s 2012 Debut

Ahead of B.A.P’s formal debut, Bang Yongguk first garnered attention as the featured rapper on Secret member Song Jieun’s “Going Crazy” in 2011 and then later that year released his solo song "I Remember" featuring Beast member Yang Yoseob. The same year, Himchan made his MCing debut on the weekly music show The Show. Shortly after, Bang and Zelo formed the pre-debut promotional subunit Bang&Zelo. In 2012, shortly before the group’s first single was released all six members appeared on the introductory reality show, Ta-Dah, It's B.A.P. 

9. Bunnies Known as “Matoki” are B.A.P’s Mascots

The early 2010s saw several K-pop acts, including VIXX and EXO, utilizing fantastical storylines to set themselves apart from other groups. B.A.P’s narrative revolved around the members coming from another planet. TS Entertainment released several cartoon shorts featuring rabbit-inspired aliens, each of which represented one member, as they traveled the universe and discovered Earth. B.A.P uses the rabbits as a logo, and the six beings were featured on the cover of this year’s Matrix EP.

10. Their Newest Album, Noir, Helped Them Break A Billboard Record

B.A.P broke all sorts of K-pop records this month when their second full-length Korean album, Noir, became their fourth album to appear in the No. 1 spot on the World Album chart. The achievement broke the tie between B.A.P and GOT7, each of whom previously had three no. 1’s on the chart.

Noir, featuring the group’s latest single “Skydive,” was released on November 7. Several of the songs on the album were co-written by Bang Yongguk, who unfortunately went on hiatus immediately prior to Noir’s release due to his struggles with an anxiety disorder. “Skydive” is a pulsating, bombastic anthem that incorporates electric guitar and combines a variety of EDM sounds with B.A.P’s typical hip hop style.

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