EXO Splinter Group EXO-CBX Hits No. 1 on World Albums With Debut EP 'Hey Mama'

Courtesy of SM Entertainment 


A common way for a K-pop group to show a different artistic side is with a splinter group featuring only a few members of the main group. More commonly known as a sub-unit by fans, these groupings can be as small as a duo or as big as four or five members; EXO is the latest act to find chart-topping success with a sub-unit.

To date, EXO and EXO-CBX mark only the third time both the parent and sub-unit K-pop group have topped World Albums. Girls Generation and their splinter trio Girls' Generation-TTS both have two chart-toppers apiece, meanwhile Super Junior and its Chinese-focused unit Super Junior-M both have one chart-topper. Remarkably, EXO, Girls' Generation and Super Junior are all from South Korean super label SM Entertainment.