GOT7 Hold Steady as Songwriters Through 'Flight Log: Turbulence'

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GOT7 perform on May 8, 2016 in Shanghai. 

?Half a year after taking off with their last album, Korean boy band GOT7 take their sound for a bit of a bumpy ride on the newly released Flight Log: Turbulence.

Released on Monday (Sept. 26 in the US, Sept. 27 in South Korea), Turbulence is the second of the septet’s Flight Log album series. Featuring the hard-hitting “Hard Carry” and twelve other songs, Turbulence is GOT7’s second full-length album since they debuted in 2014. With a more aggressive, electronic style than their previous, primarily hip-pop songs, Turbulence lives up to its title as the group’s most tumultuous album yet.

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GOT7’s newest single "Hard Carry," the second song on Turbulence following the hype track “Skyway,” is a fierce track that sounds nothing like the suave crooners from their last single, “Fly”, or its playful follow-up track, “Home Run.” Instead, the track is a multi-faceted electronic song that features what seems like a new sound with each beat: whirring synths, finger snaps, layered vocal samples and howls. The sonic whirlwind of “Hard Carry” was released alongside an equally powerful, morbid music video that was viewed more than 2.5 million times in less than 24 hours since premiering on YouTube.

Overall, the strength of Turbulence lies in the personalized quality of the songs. All seven members played a role in the creation of the album, and their tastes and tones can clearly be heard throughout the album. After the intensity of the first two tracks, the album’s middle section introduces songs that correlate to (and were created by) the individual members, in a showcase of GOT7’s potential as songwriters.

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With it’s 8-bit blips (a recurring sound that can be heard throughout the album) and old school hip hop styling, “Boom x3” matches co-writer Jackson, the hyperactive hype man of the group. The sultry follow-up track “Prove It” is written by JB, a known R&B aficionado. Things level off a bit with “No Jam,” a tongue-in-cheek title that plays on Korean and English words that translates to “No Fun.” The upbeat party song was co-written by Mark and Yugyeom, with additional lyrics from BamBam and Jackson, and sounds most similar to GOT7’s playful style from last year’s “Just Right.” 

“Hey” comes courtesy of sweet-voiced main vocalist Youngjae, while the dubstep and throwback rap “Mayday” draws on Jinyoung’s (formerly as Jr. and Junior) personal style. The East-meets-West fusion sound of “My Home” is influenced by Mark, who plays the most impactful role on Turbulence as the co-writer of five songs: "No Jam," "My Home," "If," "Sick" and "Let Me.”

“Who’s That,” the only song on the album aside from “Hard Carry” not to be written in part by the members of the group, reintroduces GOT7’s more iconic playful sound, with a clapping beat and tropical rhythm before the following trilogy of songs introduces a softer tone to the album. The sweet hip-hop tune “If” is followed by the echoing ballad “Sick,” and rounded out by the heartfelt midtempo number “Dreamin.’” The hazy “Let Me” brings a close to the album, landing more softly than expected after the opening tracks. Overall, the album features a shift from the group towards a more electronic dance sound and shows the growing potential of GOT7 as a songwriting team.

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