Red Velvet Hits New Peak on World Digital Songs, Heatseekers Albums With 'Russian Roulette'

?Red Velvet
Lee Young-ho/AP

Red Velvet photographed at the SBS Awards Festival 'K-Pop Festival' at COEX in Seoul, South Korea on Dec. 27, 2015. 

With a return to their "red" side, Red Velvet also return to the top of the charts thanks to their latest release Russian Roulette

As opposed to showing off their "velvet," ballad-leaning tendencies like on "One of These Nights" earlier this year, the cutesy-quirky girl group went in a synth-pop direction for their Russian Roulette EP with its title track bringing them to a new peak on Billboard's World Digital Songs chart

It's also a new peak for the group on the Heatseekers Albums chart where the EP starts at No. 18. The Heatseekers chart sees much less K-pop entries compared to World Albums and the new peak indicates promise in an increasingly interseted U.S. audience. Previously, the group had sent both Ice Cream Cake and The Red releases to the tally, both of which peaked at No. 24.