Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America, Around the World: July 2016

Courtesy of JYP Entertainment
Wonder Girls

Even with a refreshed concept, the Wonder Girls continue to prove why they're one of K-pop's most beloved acts by earning the top-viewed music video from the scene for July 2016.

According to data provided by YouTube, Wonder Girls' reggae-pop single "Why So Lonely" -- their second release after a long hiatus that saw them re-brand themselves as a self-composing band that plays their own instruments -- was both the most-watched K-pop music video in America and around the world last month. The single managed to top the charts in Korea while peaking at No. 5 on Billboard's World Digital Songs chart, their highest-charting single since "Like This" hit No. 4 in 2012.

Elsewhere, a slew of major acts make up this month's ranking as Nos. 2-5 are the same videos on each list with varying positions. New boy bands NCT 127 and Seventeen are Nos. 2 and 3 in the U.S., respectively, with their videos, but rank lower on global list. Girl group GFriend, on the other hand, nabs the second most-watched visual around the world, but is No. 4 in America. Long-established male outfit Beast comes in fifth for both lists with their comeback video for "Ribbon" after "Butterfly" ranked in the Top 10 last month.

Meanwhile, new videos from Taemin, f(x), Heize, Eric Nam and Unnies make up the rest of the Top 10. 

With data provided by YouTube, check out July 2016's K-pop music video charts below with a playlist that you can click through to watch each video. It's here on Billboard first:

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America -- July 2016:

1. Wonder Girls, "Why So Lonely"
2. NCT 127, "Fire Truck"
3. Seventeen, "Very Nice"
4. GFriend, "Navillera"
5. Beast, "Ribbon"
6. Taemin, "Solitary Goodbye"
7. Heize feat. Dean & DJ Friz, "And July"
8. f(x), "All Mine"
9. Eric Nam feat. Loco, Can't Help Myself"
10. Unnies feat. You Hee Yeol, "Shut Up"

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Around the World -- July 2016:

1. Wonder Girls, "Why So Lonely"
2. GFriend, "Navillera"
3. NCT 127, "Fire Truck"
4. Seventeen, "Very Nice"
5. Beast, "Ribbon"
6. Unnies feat. You Hee Yeol, "Shut Up"
7. f(x), "All Mine" 
8. Taemin, "Solitary Goodbye" 
9. Heize feat. Dean & DJ Friz, "And July" 
10. Eric Nam feat. LocoCan't Help Myself"