ASTRO Earn 2nd Top 10 Entry on World Albums With 'Summer Vibes'

Courtesy of Fantiago Company


The boy band & KCON performer earn this week's highest-charting K-pop album.

Despite being less than six months since their debut, ASTRO is proving it could be a K-pop boy band to watch as the sextet earn their second Top 10 entry on Billboard's World Albums chart.

ASTRO's Summer Vibes: 2nd Mini Album EP enters World Albums at No. 6 and marks this week's top-selling K-pop album. Summer Vibes lands at the same spot their debut entry, the Spring Up: 1st Mini Album, entered at when it started at No. 6 in March earlier this yearSpring Up spent two weeks on the chart.

ASTRO is further looking to capitalize on the bubbling interest in the U.S. and will perform at the forthcoming Los Angeles date of K-pop music festival, KCON, later this month. For those who are fans of the video, Yoojung will also be there as part of I.O.I, perhaps hinting at an onstage collaboration.