Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America, Around the World: April 2016

Courtesy of SM Entertainment


New acts kept K-pop fans enchanted on YouTube last month, as two fresh groups snagging the top-viewed music videos on the service for April 2016.

NCT U, the new male act to debut under Korean super label SM Entertainment, saw their first-ever video for "The 7th Sense" as the most-watched K-pop video in America for the month. Meanwhile, Twice, the six-month old girl group under fellow super label JYP Entertainment, earned the top-viewed visual with "Cheer Up" around the world. The acts then flipped rankings with Twice at No. 2 in America, and NCT U at No. 2 on the global YouTube chart.

The videos at Nos. 3 and 4 are stable with popular boy band Block B ranked third with their sentimental "Toy" video on both charts while NCT U's video for their second release, the rock ballad "Without You," ranks fourth across the board.

There are big differences between the monthly U.S. and international tallies as boy bands like VIXX, BTS, and Seventeen all rank within the Top 10 of stateside ranking while none made the global list. Meanwhile, television proved to be an important factor on the international list as Xia and MC the Max saw the videos for singles from Korean drama show The Descendants of the Sun soundtrack slip inside the international Top 10, as did the video for "Crush" by girl group I.O.I, who was created on Korea's reality competition show Produce 101.

J.Y. Park appears to have a lot of interest on both territories with his "Still Alive" video ranked on both lists (at No. 6 in America, No. 9 around the world). As well, EXO continues to prove that their a force everywhere with member Chen's collaboration with Heize & Vibe, "Lil Something," also ranking on both (at No. 9 in America, No. 10 around the world).

With data provided by YouTube, check out April 2016's K-pop music video charts below with a playlist that you can click through to watch each video. It's here on Billboard first:

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America -- April 2016:

1. NCT U, "The 7th Sense"
2. Twice, "Cheer Up"
3. Block B, "Toy"
4. NCT U, "Without You"
5. VIXX, "Dynamite"
6. J.Y. Park, "Still Alive"
7. BTS, "Epilogue : Young Forever"
8. Lee Hi, "My Star"
9. Chen, Heize & Vibe, "Lil' Something"
10. Seventeen, "Pretty U"

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Around the World -- April 2016:

1. Twice, "Cheer Up"
2. NCT U, "The 7th Sense"
3. Block B, "Toy"
4. NCT U, "Without You"
5. Xia, "H
ow Can I Love You"
6. I.O.I, "Crush"
7. MC the Max, "
Wind Beneath Your Wings"
8. NCT U, "The 7th Sense" (Performance Version)
9. J.Y. Park, "Still Alive"
10. Chen, Heize & Vibe, "Lil' Something"